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 Nuix uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Nuix delivers faster and smarter customer support with ServiceNow


Less time to route an incident to the engineering department


Users across over 2,100 accounts log support tickets on ServiceNow


Support tickets avoided by knowledge articles

Simplifying customer support
Nuix’s investigative analytics and intelligence software helps organizations worldwide extract and transform more than 1,000 types of unstructured data– including emails, social media, and cloud services–into actionable insight. Before ServiceNow, Nuix’s customer support for its premier product Nuix Workstation was email-based. There was no visibility to track the service performance of customer support, such as average handling time, number of cases per agent, number of cases per hour, mean time between failure and first incident resolution, or response times.

As Rolf Krolke, Vice President of Technology, Nuix explains: “Customers would email the support team and the request would go into an inbox. All the responses were back and forth emails and we really couldn’t track issues and service performance.”

Nuix wanted to deploy a customer service solution that could provide greater visibility and better customer experience. It evaluated Atlassian and Salesforce but decided that ServiceNow Customer Service Management was the best solution to support the company’s growth plans.

“It wasn’t just because of ServiceNow’s reputation, but also the ability that we could grow with it. For us, this was really important,” Rolf adds.

Improving customer experience and supporting business growth
With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, Nuix’s customer support team can now see what requests are coming in, which ones are being worked on, or which are high priority requests (VIP customers or customers who pay for enhanced support), all from a single dashboard rather than an email conversation. Through ServiceNow Automation Engine, it also automates actions—such as increasing storage array size by 20%—to reduce incidents. This enables the IT team to quickly respond to issues and ensure the health of the SaaS platform.

“ServiceNow’s workflows make it easier and smarter for our support team to resolve issues and provide an amazing customer experience,” Rolf explains.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent with Knowledge Management also helps to resolve more common problems by suggesting relevant knowledge articles as customers start typing in issues. This has helped to avoid hundreds of support tickets that would have been submitted by customers. It has also freed up time for the customer support team to focus on higher priority tasks or complex issues.

“Thanks to ServiceNow, we have seen a reduction in customer contacts and escalations. As customers get ready to log their requests, they are actually getting the resolution to their inquiries as they begin typing. It’s absolutely worthwhile for the investment,” Rolf explains.

Since deploying ServiceNow Customer Service Management, Nuix has seen more than 5,200 users across over 2,100 accounts log support tickets on the ServiceNow platform. It has also enabled Nuix to significantly expand its business to hundreds of additional customers using a software-as-a-service model hosted on AWS cloud services across seven regions instead of just on-premise systems.

Nuix can now provide support to more customers through its single portal. Onboarded customers can also request support for assistance without going through a single contact point within their organizations, helping them to maximize their investment in Nuix.

Nuix works with ServiceNow Elite Partner, CloudGo, to support and enhance the platform. CloudGo recently built a portal for customers to easily download their workstation software by implementing ServiceNow Release Management for all software downloads. This enables Nuix to know which customers have downloaded the software and monitor any bug or bad code for new product releases.

95% efficiency gain in customer support
In the past, technical support engineers had to copy service request information in ServiceNow to Jira if there was a bug with the Nuix SaaS platform. When additional information was provided by the customer, an engineer needed to manually add more details to the Jira incident request. This process could take 40 minutes and provided little transparency for Nuix to track the status.

With support from CloudGo, Nuix utilized the Jira spoke within ServiceNow Automation Engine and developed a webhook to support the backwards and forward communication between the two platforms. All the details for an incident are now automatically updated in Jira without human intervention. Nuix also only needed to log into a single interface to track requests instead of multiple systems. The efficiency gain was two-fold. “Firstly, with the automation through ServiceNow, we can create and route the Jira incident to our engineering department in less than two minutes, instead of 40 minutes previously. That’s a massive 95% saving of time per incident,” Rolf says. “Secondly, support engineers are now able to see updates in ServiceNow from Jira, saving time to log into another platform to look at the status of their request.”

On top of efficiency gains, Nuix can also generate reports each month to track the performance of its software, such as how many requests are logged each month and which software version has the highest number of requests. This helps Nuix to make better decisions on products, security, and engineering, such as improving testing cycles and code reviews.

“With a click of a button in ServiceNow, we now have insight into the top 10 common issues customers are having with the software. Such visibility empowers us to deliver continuous improvement in our products and develop better training documentation,” Rolf reveals.

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Sydney, Australia

ServiceNow’s workflows make it easier and smarter for our support team to resolve issues and provide an amazing customer experience.

Rolf Krolke

Vice President for Technology

CloudGo partnership for FedRAMP deployment
In addition to technical support, CloudGo helped Nuix on its path to becoming an authorized cloud service provider (CSP) under the US government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

CSPs for FedRAMP must host all services on a dedicated cloud service and meet three levels of progressively more stringent security requirements: low, moderate, and high. CloudGo has implemented ServiceNow Customer Service Management at FedRAMP ‘high’ level for Nuix.

“Getting to FedRAMP ‘high’ is a very long exercise,” Rolf says. “CloudGo has a team in the US that handled all that for us.” Aside from the FedRAMP implementation, CloudGo has provided exceptional ServiceNow support to Nuix.

“CloudGo has made our ServiceNow experience amazing. They listen to our problems, and then they come back with solutions on ServiceNow. Having a really good partner like that makes us really sticky with ServiceNow,” Rolf adds.

Expanding scope of support
Nuix is currently under way in moving its internal IT helpdesk from ManageEngine into ServiceNow and maximize the support for the entire business including sales and finance.

Rolf is also looking to use ServiceNow Automation Engine with a Google Translate plugin to expand the support for customers in Japan, France, and Germany.

Winning new business and faster customer onboarding
ServiceNow has even helped Nuix win new business, Rolf explains: “Potential customers are familiar with ServiceNow and when they see how Nuix uses it, they know they will be able to easily integrate their systems to facilitate processes, such as submitting requests.”

Nuix is also integrating ServiceNow Customer Service Management with Salesforce to simplify its customer onboarding process. When a customer orders a new product from Nuix through Salesforce, an automatic email will be sent from ServiceNow to the customer with login details and a welcome pack.

To summarize, Rolf describes ServiceNow as a fantastic, versatile platform that can be used by small, medium, or large organizations and the ServiceNow partner network makes deployment and ongoing management really easy. Rolf was also impressed with the training and the Guided Tours from ServiceNow because they could guide a user from the most basic to the most complex things.

“The ServiceNow platform is brilliant, but it’s not just the platform – it is all the supporting services that wrap around the platform, from the partner network to ServiceNow support, and all the training and education that is provided,” Rolf concludes. 

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