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Orange Business Services powers the customer experience with ServiceNow


Incidents managed by digital workflows


Service portal for 180,000 customers


Reduction in customer calls per month

Orange Business Services (OBS) is a global infrastructure operator, technology integrator, and supplier of value‑added services to multinational corporations, local governments, and public sector organisations. OBS relies on ServiceNow to unify global service delivery onto a single platform, streamlining the entire customer experience.

Orange Business Services underpins the customer experience with multisourcing service integration
As an infrastructure operator, supplier of value-added services, and technology integrator, Orange Business Services knows that data sits at the heart of digital transformation for businesses.

The global company is committed to delivering the very best customer experience and supporting businesses, local governments, and public sector organisations through every step of their digital transformation.

The IT team is at the center of these commitments, with a focus on bringing reliability, availability, simplicity, and customisation to every customer.

“Digital transformation has triggered changes in the way applications and data are managed and these developments demand the integration of multiple providers, integrators, and vendors,” says Marc Desmots, IT Architect, Orange Business Services. “The Now Platform® has been pivotal in empowering the team to work in partnership with every customer and manage their digital transformation journeys.”

Orange Business Services connects customers to technology with the Now Platform
Working with ServiceNow, Orange Business Services has brought together the expansive and varied services it offers to customers, which run from an initial synchronisation phase right through to delivering an end-to-end service for customers with complex infrastructures and multiple operators.

The move has created the perfect foundation for the company’s multisourcing service integration (MSI) approach, with a flexible, agile, and easy-to-use service platform that complements Orange Business Services’ carrier-grade systems.

Marc comments, “ServiceNow has removed the complexity of managing and supporting heterogenous infrastructures, powering a service integration and management model that allows us to create a unified, customer-facing organisation.”

The integration capabilities of ServiceNow have been critical in creating a step-change in the way services are managed and delivered. The Now Platform layers over an incredibly complex technology ecosystem within Orange Business Services, creating an interface for an effortless, consistent experience for the customer.

“ServiceNow has given us a platform that sits between our systems and our customers, providing the integration that is critical to join up a huge number of technologies and systems, while ensuring the customer experience is simple and seamless,” says Marc.

ServiceNow digital workflows power a single service portal for Orange Business Services customers
Digital workflows powered by the Now Platform work automatically behind a new customer service portal, with a standard interface that brings together all elements of the Orange Business Services offering in one place.

Customers can use the portal to follow the journey of any incidents from when they were raised right through to resolution, without having to contact Orange Business Services directly. The approach has almost eliminated the need for customers to make a direct call, resulting in a reduction of 3,000+ calls received every month.

“By using ServiceNow to provide a global service management portal, we have completely streamlined the entire service experience for our customers,” comments Marc. 

Orange Business Services
Orange Business Services
Paris, France

The platform is managing more than one million incidents a year and the digital workflows have dramatically improved operational efficiency.

Marc Desmots

IT Architect

As a next step, Marc and his team are developing the service portal to offer self-service, giving customers the ability to manage their Orange Business Services solutions themselves. “Using ServiceNow, we can give our customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience, putting day-to-day technical management capability into their hands, like changing bandwidth, shutting down a site, or updating routing rules."

Orange Business Services creates a customer collaboration environment on the Now Platform
Orange Business Services has already engineered a notable transformation for both its own organisation and its customers, but Marc sees big potential to go much further with ServiceNow. The next stage is a more collaborative approach with customers.

“ServiceNow marks the start of a revolution for our customers, where we truly collaborate to create and build their networks,” says Marc. “We have a flexible and agile platform with a low-code/no-code capability that makes anything possible.”

By applying Agile methodologies, Orange Business Services can put the focus on working alongside customers to define co-designs, analyse performance, consolidate, and automate to continue the journey to a true digital transformation.

“We have delivered on our strategy to create a carrier-grade integration ecosystem that drives operational efficiencies and improves the customer experience,” says Marc. “Now, we have the opportunity to really take our customer relationships to the next level. It’s in our DNA to innovate and ServiceNow means we can do this in collaboration with our customers, co-constructing in partnership.”

A long-standing partnership for long-term success
For Marc and his team, ServiceNow isn’t just a quick fix. Akin to its commitment to driving lasting transformation for its customers, Orange Business Services has built a long-term partnership with ServiceNow.

“The success of any relationship is when both parties share the same ambition and work to the same rhythm,” says Marc. “Both ServiceNow and Orange Business Services have evolved as brands, and we both recognise the huge opportunity that is presented by digital transformation. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years hold for our partnership.”

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