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Oslo University Hospital transforms healthcare operations

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Improved efficiency in key hospital processes

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Greater oversight of service levels and capacity

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Improved patient experience

Unlocking efficiency and scalability

Hospitals are incredibly complex environments, needing to manage the day-to-day capacity of planned operations and procedures with the ebb and flow of ad hoc emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Oslo University Hospital is no exception. With over 250 ongoing planned operations each day and around 40 emergencies being dealt with at any given time, it is an incredibly complex logistical puzzle to manage. And all of this while trying to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes to its patients.

Oslo University Hospital realized that its previous system of managing its operations was not scalable for the future. To meet changing and growing needs, the hospital sought to create an environment that allowed for greater efficiency, with the ability to deploy new capabilities as they were needed.

Working with ServiceNow and KPMG, Oslo University Hospital has transformed the way that it manages key processes and procedures; from helping staff to more efficiently schedule surgeries, to keeping patients informed and engaged in the lead up to operations to reduce cancellations. 

Utilizing Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management (HCLS) and App Engine, the hospital has created new solutions for planning and scheduling that, thanks to the solutions in use, can quickly evolve from concept to reality—and be easily refined and optimized over time. All of this means greater efficiency for the hospital and its staff, with more oversight of KPIs and capacity across the hospital. More importantly for patients, it delivers a better hospital experience and a more efficient use of their time.

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Oslo University Hospital
Oslo, Norway
App Engine
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It has transformed the way we work with patients. They will find the time they spend in our hospital is more effective.

Oyvind Skraastad

Head of Division of Emergencies and Critical Care

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management

Explore the solution that helps Oslo University Hospital transform hospital operations

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