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Pomerleau uses App Engine on the Now Platform
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Pomerleau gives site supervisors mobile access to services

Increased logistics efficiency

Reliable, transparent delivery times

Reduced project risk

Pomerleau sought to keep pace with rapid growth by giving site supervisors a quick and easy way to order materials, tools, and services for their site. With ServiceNow, the company developed an app that automates construction logistics workflows — allowing site supervisors to easily make and track requests using their mobile devices.

Driven by innovation
Pomerleau is a leading Canadian construction company. Founded as a family business near Québec City, the company has grown rapidly to become a major player from coast to coast. Innovation lies at the heart of Pomerleau’s success. In the words of Pomerleau’s founder, Hervé Pomerleau, “Why try to earn a spot in the field that already exists? It’s much better to be on the cutting edge and create the field.”

Scaling to embrace rapid growth
Buoyed by innovation, Pomerleau continues to experience rapid growth. This put a heavy strain on its logistics team, which relied on paper and phones to get materials, tools, and services to the construction site. Daniel Gagné, IT Development Coordinator at Pomerleau, says, “Our logistics team prides itself on A1 service, but it struggled to keep up with our growth. By automating our logistics processes with ServiceNow, we can keep our construction sites humming.”

Putting power in the hands of site supervisors
Pomerleau used App Engine to create its Digital Logistics Requisition app, which lets site supervisors requisition materials, tools, and services from their mobile devices. Supervisors can even request custom items – in one case, 40 tennis balls cut in half – right from the same interface. The app automates the backend logistics workflows, whether that’s arranging for a crane or delivering 30 drills. This shields supervisors from the underlying complexity. Instead, they simply get a clear, reliable delivery date that they can view and track.

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Québec, Canada

Why try to earn a spot in the field that already exists? It’s much better to be on the cutting edge and create the field.

Hervé Pomerleau


Lower project risk and increased efficiency
With clear visibility of delivery dates, site supervisors can now plan ahead, avoiding unanticipated delays and additional costs. The logistics team is also more efficient, so it can continue to scale as Pomerleau grows. Pascal Poirier, who spearheads development of the app, also stresses the fast time to value, saying, “With App Engine, we developed a prototype in a few weeks, and ServiceNow’s low-code tools let us continuously incorporate and validate user feedback—often within a single sprint.”

The future is bright as momentum grows
By automating its logistics processes with App Engine, Pomerleau is scaling its business to embrace continued growth, optimizing project delivery, and increasing efficiency. And this is only one step in its ServiceNow journey. For example, Pomerleau has already created another ServiceNow app to audit projects, including analytics and automated workflows to address issues and drive continuous improvement. Daniel says, “The demand for new ServiceNow apps is huge, and the momentum is continuing to grow.”

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