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Pomeroy uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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Pomeroy meets digital workplace demands


Empowers customer success


Supports business continuity


Saved in IT and operational costs

Empowering customers to compete
For 40 years, global businesses have relied on Pomeroy workplace productivity solutions. Today the company enables digital workplaces in which tools, work styles, technologies, culture, and skills converge to empower employees to do their best work and better serve customers.

Taking a unique approach to service provision
Pomeroy differentiates itself by delivering advanced digital technologies without requiring customers to abandon their existing IT investments, which often amount to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. In doing so, Pomeroy is able to deliver its offerings to clients while leveraging their existing IT capabilities via seamless integration, minimizing disruption, and maximizing return on investment.

Enabling service agility and scalability
Having been constrained by IT silos, Pomeroy migrated its service offering to ServiceNow. Using ServiceNow APIs, it integrates technologies and applications onto the Now Platform®, enabling it to deliver scalable services ranging from field support to advanced call center functionality.

A key element of Pomeroy’s infrastructure-independent architecture philosophy is migration to ServiceNow. There are no bandwidth concerns or costly and resource-intensive data centers to worry about. Instead, Pomeroy leverages highly secure and redundant ServiceNow enterprise support applications that are continuously evolving while saving millions of dollars in IT costs.

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Hebron, Kentucky
IT Workplace Services

Having previously been limited by IT silos, ServiceNow was a game-changer for us.

Jeff Schott

Vice President, Platform Automation & Global Service Delivery


Resolving IT pain points
To resolve the issue of end users “suffering in silence” due to recurring IT issues, Pomeroy combined ServiceNow, Amazon Connect, endpoint monitoring and management, and Microsoft Teams to create a proactive service desk that monitors end user’s Windows and Mac endpoints to identify recurring issues and resolve them directly, without the intervention of IT staff or end users noticing.

Meanwhile, virtual agents resolve a variety of end-user queries, freeing service center staff to focus on more complex issues. And, by linking call data with ServiceNow ticket data to eliminate bottlenecks, those issues can be resolved.

Navigating business challenges
The availability and resilience of the ServiceNow architecture enables business continuity, too. When a typhoon struck Pomeroy’s global operations center in Manila, Pomeroy agents continued to work uninterrupted while other VPN-dependent businesses were thrown offline. Similarly, when COVID-19 emerged, Pomeroy agents carried out business as usual from home.

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