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Rogers uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How do we move to a preventative service model?


Reduction in daily case volumes


Reduction in inbound calls


Of customers give Rogers a nine or ten out of ten

An iconic Canadian business
Rogers Communications is a leading telecommunications and media company in Canada, providing wireless, residential services, sports and media to Canadian citizens and businesses. Its business-to-business division, Rogers for Business, supplies small, medium, large, and public sector organizations with enterprise- grade solutions and technology services to support their connectivity and digital needs. The Rogers wireless network reaches 96% of Canadians from coast-to-coast.

Unified approach to customer service
Rogers for Business strives to serve its customers to a consistently high standard with empathy, respect, and confidence. It has built its winning strategy by ensuring the customer is at the center of every discussion, consideration, and decision. Its Technical Customer Service organization has adopted the definition of immediacy—the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement—as inspiration to redefine the role of its people, processes, and tools, and ultimately evolve and unify its approach to customer service.

Forensic level of insight
Rogers for Business’ Technical Customer Service deployed ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) to transform its entire service assurance organization, using proactive engagement, customer-forward analytics, and ‘in-the-moment’ operations to gain a forensic level of insight into its customers and infrastructure. This enables active management and prevention of the vast majority of problems before they occur. It can now proactively monitor service performance, with incidents auto-generated in ServiceNow if quality drops below pre-set thresholds. Technical teams assess, troubleshoot, and proactively engage with customers from a position of informed confidence.

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Rogers Communications Inc.
Rogers Communications Inc.
Toronto, Canada

ServiceNow has given us the tools to be consistent and enabled us to win the hearts and minds of our people by creating a much more efficient domain for them to do great work and be successful in their jobs.

Scott Thomson

Vice President, Technical Customer Service


Proactive engagement
Now, even minor issues can be identified and resolved at speed, while data analytics, customer health checks, and intuitive dashboards are prompting swift and targeted actions that maintain high service standards, especially important for essential public health and emergency services. Service management now applies many of the principles of air traffic control, where monitoring every detail is vital to overall operational success. Technical Services Analysts are constantly monitoring network health, case volume, quality standards, events, and customer-specific intelligence, enabling technicians to take proactive action when required.

Extraordinary impacts
“The positive impact on our operations has been extraordinary,” explains Scott Thomson, Vice President of Technical Customer Service at Rogers for Business. “We’ve reduced daily ticket volumes by 41%, by fixing problems before they occur, and inbound calls by 19%, by telling customers about a problem and how we’re solving it. Status chasing calls have been cut by 43%, by keeping customers constantly informed of how we’re assisting them. 71% of customers give us a nine or ten out of ten in our ‘likelihood to recommend’ surveys, while employee satisfaction in our team of 250 people is at 91%.”

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