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Thriving in Calgary’s vibrant technology sector

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is leading the charge to build technology skills in Calgary, Canada. The city is in the middle of a flourishing digital transformation, as it looks to fuel head-office growth and diversify its resource-based economy. A community of thinkers, creators, and champions leading change and reimagining the workforce of tomorrow, SAIT is committed to providing students with employment-centric education that translates directly into fulfilling career opportunities.

Industry partnerships are a cornerstone of SAIT’s approach, connecting students directly to thought leaders and future employers. For the last 10 years, ServiceNow has been at the heart of this strategy, working with SAIT to equip students with tomorrow’s skills today.

Candace Van Apeldoorn, a service management expert and instructor at SAIT, explains, “About 10 years ago, I started teaching our IT Service Management course, which is part of our nationally recognized two-year IT Computer Systems (ITCS) diploma. I wanted to give students hands-on, real-world experience to complement the ITIL theory we were teaching, so I reached out to ServiceNow. They were incredibly responsive and receptive, and that was the start of a great partnership.”

Fast-forward to today, and this partnership continues to power student success. SAIT has embedded ServiceNow system administration and IT service management courses directly into its ITSM program, with ServiceNow providing these courses and access to the ServiceNow platform at no cost. But the relationship goes far beyond simply providing training and technology. For example, ServiceNow experts are regular guest speakers throughout the program, giving students direct access to industry insights and career advice.

What’s the result? According to Candace, “By combining best-practice theory with the opportunity to work on the ServiceNow platform, we’re equipping students with the practical skills and confidence they need to step directly into service desk roles. Former students say our ITSM program is the most ‘employable’ part of their ITCS diploma. And many of the large employers in Calgary use ServiceNow, so the demand is enormous. When we started 10 years ago, there were about 50 students in the program. Now, we’re accepting nearly 500 students every year. That’s explosive growth.”

Candace also talks about her personal satisfaction with the results. She says, “It’s great to see those full-circle moments when former students come back to SAIT after working for a few years. For instance, two of our graduates are now supervisors on SAIT’s own ServiceNow service desk. Seeing people we taught become professionals and colleagues is incredibly rewarding.”

Looking to the future with optimism

With the partnership set to expand even further, Candace looks to include ServiceNow development into SAIT’s continuing education program. SAIT is also exploring how to become a ServiceNow corporate training partner. As Candace explains, “When industry and educational institutions work together, you open up a world of possibilities for students. SAIT and ServiceNow are proof of that. And we’ve only just started. The future looks even brighter.”

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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Calgary, Canada
Higher Education
15,000 Students and 1,269 Faculty
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I wanted to give students hands-on, real-world experience to complement the ITIL theory we were teaching.

Candace Van Apledoorn


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