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Speedcast uses CSM on the Now Platform
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When connectivity is non-negotiable
Speedcast is the largest remote communications company in the world, utilizing 95 Earth-orbiting satellites to bring voice, data, and network connectivity to all four corners of the globe. More than 3,200 customers in 140 countries—in the maritime, media, mining, energy, telecoms, NGO, and government sectors—rely on Speedcast’s technology and solutions for their operations and digital transformation in some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Keeping the faith
Recently, Speedcast faced a combination of challenges, many of which were as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Already a diverse organization, Speedcast had integrated 16 business acquisitions and was facing financial gaps caused by falling demand. Throughout this complexity, Speedcast maintained its industry leadership position, thanks to one burning conviction and focus—that great customer service will see it through.

The power of one
To make good on its convictions, Speedcast decided to replace multiple, disconnected customer service portals and dispersed customer management systems with just one. This single, personalized view would provide each of its customers with easy access, instant visibility, and the live status of all its services in one place, from anywhere in the world. But achieving this simple and perfectly logical concept would require courage, a ‘root and branch’ business-wide transformation, and great collaboration with its long-standing partner, ServiceNow.

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Houston, Texas
Satellite Communications

For customers, the portal is absolutely spot on, but for internal colleagues too, it’s now much more efficient and far less labor-intensive for them to onboard new services.

Simon Hill

Operations Support Systems Manager


Real-time visibility
Speedcast’s IT team completely rebuilt its configuration management database (CMDB) and launched a single customer portal, based on ServiceNow Customer Service Management technology and functionality. With this new portal, customers have real-time visibility of network availability anywhere in the world and can review and interact with all of their Speedcast services in one place, however and whenever they wish. For Speedcast, the portal has completely transformed the way it manages and communicates with customers, bringing reliability, consistency, and confidence as it emerges from challenging times.

Authority and confidence
Governance Lead at Speedcast says: “At first, we didn’t really understand the possibilities that the ServiceNow platform offered. So, they totally committed to us, rolled up their sleeves, and, over time, with workshops and health checks, helped us to define new processes and develop a roadmap to create something new and exciting that would work for all our customers. Their support and collaboration has been fantastic. By planning thoroughly and building solid foundations, we won hearts and minds—and the authority and confidence of the business to engage with our stakeholders and drive transformation through at speed."

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