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Swarovski uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How to better serve digital customers?


Reduction in service caseloads compared to previous tool


Case for all customer communication

> 1,400

Stores running despite COVID-19 pandemic

Passion for innovation and design
Swarovski is a global retailer specializing in high quality crystal jewelry and watches, with customer service to match. Founded in 1895 in Austria, it is still owned and run by the Swarovski family. Swarovski has more than 2,800 stores in 170 countries. It is in these stores that most customers experience the Swarovski brand—the quality, expertise, and service. The business also runs live events, in-store, for Swarovski Club loyalty card members.

Replicating the in-store experience
Buying crystal products like jewelry has traditionally been a tactile experience—customers want to see and feel an item. But within weeks of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of the Swarovski stores were forced to close. Digital platforms were already in place, but the jewelry brand could never have predicted the surge in demand as customers quickly moved online. For Swarovski, the challenge was not how to maintain revenue but to deliver the same standards of customer service in an online world.

Creating a link between physical and digital
Having already consolidated its regional service desks onto a global platform with ServiceNow, Swarovski was ready to drive service consistency across digital channels and provide global oversight of standards. ServiceNow Customer Service Management enabled Swarovski to be more efficient in the way it manages customer requests, with an end-to-end digital experience—from marketing to sales to fulfilment. This helped the business create a seamless link between the service in its physical and digital retail environments.

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Wattens, Austria

No matter how the customer contacted us—via phone, email, or chat, we now have one case to work from.

Isabella Kosch

Head of Service Management, Global Business Services


Consolidating customer engagements
Consolidating all communications from one customer into a single case helped ensure consistency, avoid duplication, and allow sales advisors to focus on the most urgent request. Within the first month, this produced an immediate 58% reduction in case workload, with a long-term drop of 55%. Now, service advisors are more productive, and customer service expectations are met faster. Customer Service Management has helped make sense of the surge in service requests via online channels.

Preparing for a hybrid retail future
While Swarovski is already seeing stores bounce back, it acknowledges that many customers will have enjoyed engaging online. With that in mind, there will be renewed focus on enhancing the retail experience across formats. The transformation of its customer service will support Swarovski’s plans to renew stores across the globe, supported by digital activations involving virtual tours for customers and previews of new collections. Such engagements will be captured in Customer Service Management.

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