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UCSD uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How does one solution work for all?


Users, including staff, students, parents, and partners supported


Central place for support, down from 200 contact points


Of service desk users rate the experience as ‘positive’

Making changemakers
University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) is one of the top 15 research universities in the world, attracting more than $1 billion in funding every year to spark the discoveries that advance society and drive economic impact. It strives to equip its 40,000 students to become changemakers, with the passion, inspiration, and tools to find answers to the world’s most pressing questions. Competition for places at UC San Diego is intense with only three in ten applicants accepted.

Powering the next 60 years of UC San Diego
The Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) is the largest process improvement and technology program ever undertaken in UC San Diego’s 60-year history, designed to put in place the new, cloud-based technologies required to power the university’s next 60 years of achievement and growth. An important element of the ESR was a desire to simplify the complex network of legacy, homegrown systems for finance, administrative support, and student information.

The university had more than 200 different phone numbers, email addresses, and forms for staff and students to seek support. It wanted to replace this with a single-entry point and one-stop-shop for all students and 40,000 faculty and staff members, with self-service and a great user experience its key ambitions.

Service and support portal
UC San Diego selected ServiceNow Customer Service Management as the foundation for the university’s first single services and support portal. The portal was designed after extensive, internally led expert research. It provided a single, secure, easily accessible, and trusted source of information and services for six key units—student support, budget and finance, IT, personnel and HR, research, and finally advancement, the university’s donor relations and fundraising team. The portal allows UC San Diego to address student and staff queries quickly and transparently, delivering an improved user experience.

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University of California San Diego
University of California San Diego

Our students are our primary call handlers and they’re utilizing a tool that is sophisticated and easy to use and allows them to work flexibly.

Brett Pollak

Director of Workplace Technology Services

Impressive early results
The ServiceNow-powered portal is transforming the way people get things done. More than 150,000 users—students, faculty, staff, as well as supply chain partners and parents—are utilizing 142 individual catalog items. User feedback is very encouraging, with the service desk achieving a 92% ‘positive’ rating, and 97% describing their agent as ‘helpful’.

Moving forward with confidence
Director of Campus Platform Technologies, Allisa Becker, is delighted with results so far: “Creating a single jumping-off point for all services and support, with all partners within UC San Diego agreeing with the structure, makes it easier for agents to provide support, and students and staff to get answers to their questions more quickly. It’s a very important achievement and means that we can move forward with confidence."

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