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New Hire Vaccination Policies

Updated February 15, 2022

U.S. New Hire Vaccination Policy and FAQs

What is ServiceNow’s COVID‑19 vaccination policy for new hires?

A: As  ServiceNow continues to put the health and safety of our employees and candidates first during the COVID‑19 pandemic, we have implemented a new vaccination policy for new hires in the United States. All newly hired U.S. employees and contingent workers generally must be vaccinated (and submit proof of vaccination) OR have an approved medical or religious accommodation as part of the onboarding process, as permitted by law. New hires with an approved accommodation will be asked to test within 72 hours of entering a U.S. ServiceNow workplace.

Q: Are there exceptions to this policy for new hires?

A: There may be state laws that require ServiceNow to grant exemptions. Additionally, for those who cannot be vaccinated because of a medical condition or disability, or due to a sincerely held religious belief, you can apply for an accommodation during the onboarding process if you are hired for a role at ServiceNow (except for “required in office” roles, for which full vaccination is mandatory). Individuals who do not submit an accommodation request during their onboarding process, or who have not been approved for an accommodation, will not be able to continue employment at ServiceNow. We will work with individuals directly to determine the path forward. New hires with an approved accommodation will be asked to test within 72 hours of entering a U.S. ServiceNow workplace.

Q: If the role I’m applying for is fully remote (not associated with an office location) and I do not anticipate coming in physical contact with other employees, will I still be required to show proof of vaccination if I’m hired?

A: YesServiceNow is requiring all new U.S. employees and contingent workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID‑19, (regardless of role, location, or intent to visit the workplace), subject to such exceptions as required by law.

Q: What types of vaccination proof will be accepted for the U.S. requirement?

A: ServiceNow will accept all government/CDC‑approved vaccination cards. We know some states are allowing digital versions, photos of their vaccine cards, etc. which will be accepted if aligned to government/CDC approved guidelines.

Q: If I am hired at ServiceNow, how will I submit my status and proof of vaccination?

A: You will be asked to submit proof of full vaccination during your onboarding process, subject to such exceptions as required by law.

Q: What should I do if I need to provide proof of vaccination and don’t have and/or lost my vaccination card?

A: All you need to provide for verification is a photo of your vaccination card. If you have a photo, you may submit that to verify your status. If you still need a new vaccination card, contact the vaccination provider site where you received your vaccine. Your provider should give you a new card with up‑to‑date information about the vaccinations you have received. If the location where you received your COVID‑19 vaccine is no longer operating (as some were temporary sites), contact your state or local health department’s immunization information system (IIS) for assistance.

Q: I already would have had to start my vaccination process to become fully vaccinated by my start date. What am I supposed to do?

A: We understand that there is specific timing over which vaccine doses are administered, and then the two‑week period after your last dose until you are considered fully vaccinated. If hired, we will work with you to ensure you have the time needed to become fully vaccinated prior to joining ServiceNow.

Q: I’ve already had COVID‑19, don’t I have immunity (and, thus, the U.S. vaccination requirement doesn’t apply to me)?

A: If you are a new U.S. employee or contingent worker, you will still be required to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of vaccination during your onboarding process, even if you have had COVID‑19, subject to such exceptions as required by law. 

Please visit for any questions about vaccines and immunity.

Q: I was vaccinated outside the U.S. and received a vaccine that isn’t authorized for use in the U.S. Is my vaccination status still valid if I plan to work in the U.S.?

A: Yes. The World Health Organization (WHO) tracks the development and approval of multiple vaccines globally that are progressing through (or have progressed past) clinical trials and meet the WHO’s standards for efficacy in protection against the virus. If you are hired to work in the U.S., you will be required to show your proof of vaccination by your start date.

Q: If I am a foreign national working in the U.S., does this policy apply to me?

A: Any new employees who are foreign nationals are included in this policy.

Q: At what stage in the hiring process will ServiceNow require proof of vaccination?

A: New employees will be required to submit proof of vaccination on or before their first day of employment at ServiceNow as part of the onboarding process.

Q: How will ServiceNow verify proof of vaccination for U.S. employees?

A: We expect all new hires who provide verification will do so honestly and accurately using valid, appropriate, and true means. 

Individuals who choose not to comply with this requirement, or who have not been approved for an accommodation during their onboarding process, will not be able to begin or continue employment at ServiceNow. In such cases, we will work with individuals directly to determine the path forward. New hires with an approved accommodation will be asked to test within 72 hours of entering a U.S. ServiceNow workplace.

Q: How are you protecting the privacy of your candidates and employees?

A: ServiceNow implements technical and organizational measures to protect all candidate and employee data, including data related to vaccination status. For those providing proof of vaccination, it will be collected via our Vaccine Status app on or before your first day of your employment.  The data you provide is secure and only accessible by a small number of cleared professionals who review each proof of vaccination. They will validate and confirm each submission. If appropriate proof is not submitted, they will contact you to resubmit proof of vaccination.

Singapore Vaccination Policy

Singapore Vaccination Policy

Effective February 1, 2022, pass holders (work pass holders, dependents, and long term pass holders) in Singapore must fulfil the COVID‑19 vaccination requirements to apply for passes, renew passes, or enter Singapore, subject to limited exceptions required by law.  For more details, click here.