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New Hire Vaccination Policies

Updated October 11, 2022

U.S. New Hire Vaccination Policy and FAQs

What is ServiceNow’s COVID‑19 vaccination policy for new hires?

A: Effective October 14, 2022, we are removing the vaccination requirement for new hires.  Additionally, we are removing the existing COVID‑19 requirement — either be vaccinated or provide a negative test — to enter our U.S. workplaces, for all employees, contingent workers, visitors, etc.

Is this a permanent policy change?

A: This is our current policy based on the prevailing public health conditions and latest guidance from our medical experts. If COVID‑19 again becomes more widespread and presents a public health threat globally or regionally, we may need to re‑evaluate our COVID‑19 requirements to protect our employees (including new hires), contingent workers, customers, partners, and other visitors.

If I am a foreign national working in the U.S., does this policy apply to me?

A: Any new employees who are foreign nationals are included in this policy.

Singapore Vaccination Policy

Effective February 1, 2022, pass holders (work pass holders, dependents, and long‑term pass holders) in Singapore must fulfil the COVID‑19 vaccination requirements to apply for passes, renew passes, or enter Singapore, subject to limited exceptions required by law. For more details, click here.