The state of vulnerability response in financial services

Ponemon global survey reveals how cybersecurity professionals avoid data breaches

Major data breaches are headline news, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. 45% of financial services organizations have had a data breach in the last two years, and the severity and volume of cyberattacks continue to increase. The majority of cybersecurity experts say they are struggling to keep pace. Faced with a hacker onslaught, organizations need new approaches to keep data safe.

A Ponemon global survey of 467 cybersecurity professionals in financial services organizations reveals:

  • 45% reported one or more data breaches in the last two years
  • 47% of financial services breach victims said they were breached due to an unpatched known vulnerability

The report details how high‑performing security teams in financial services organizations respond to vulnerabilities and threats by:

  • Taking an unbiased inventory of vulnerability response capabilities
  • Breaking down data barriers between security and IT
  • Defining end‑to‑end vulnerability response processes, and automating as much as possible

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