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Benefits of Vendor Risk Management

Improve visibility

View the status of assessments, issues, and tasks across your third-party ecosystem.

Make better decisions

Identify emerging risks using assessments and continuous monitoring.

Boost efficiency

Improve collaboration while automating processes and consistent workflows across your third parties.

Manage risk across the enterprise

See a holistic view of risk that includes third-party risk scores and IRM portfolio integration.

Features of Vendor Risk Management

Use Vendor Risk Management to see third-party risks

Tiering management

Tier third parties accurately to determine assessment frequency and define the scope of questions.

Use Vendor Risk Management to see vendor risk ratings

Monitoring framework

Use scores and ratings from content providers to supplement risk assessment data.

Use Vendor Risk Management for online assessments

Assessment management

Use online assessments for faster, higher-quality responses.

Collaborate & share in one place

Supplier portal

Connect and collaborate with vendors in a single home for all exchanges.

Additional Features

Portfolio management

Eliminate spreadsheets with a single database of third-party product info and a self-service portal.

Issues and remediation

Automate issue generation, design remediation plans, and chat in real-time to resolve issues fast.

Third-party hierarchies

Define parent-child relationships to appropriately represent and assess subsidiaries.

Aggregated risk scores

Calculate risk scores throughout the hierarchy for an up-to-date, top-down, and bottom-up view of risk.

Risk areas

Assess each engagement based on areas of risk, such as bankruptcy, delivery, and security.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Improve security for third-party contacts while seamlessly authenticating into the Supplier Portal.

IRM integration

Integrate with other applications in the GRC portfolio for an extended enterprise view of risk.

Integration with Vendor Manager Workspace

Manage third-party performance and risk in one destination with Vendor Manager Workspace integration.

Use automation to gain control over third-party risk

How to get Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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