About COMTURE Inc.

コムチュアは、1985年創業以来「お客さまには“感動”を、社員には“夢”を」を理念として掲げ、お客様やお取引先をはじめとする社会の様々な方々から必要とされる企業であり続けるために社員とともに全力で走ってまいりました。 お客様により良い提案を提供するために「お客様のささやきをカタチにする」活動を推進しており常に新しい技術を取り入れるなどの「絶え間ないイノベーション」により、お客様と共に成長し続けております。そのような中、これまで取り組んでまいりましたグループウェアソリューション、ERPソリューション、マネージドサービス、クラウドサービスなどお客様の課題解決に寄り添うソリューションプロバイダとして長年で培ってきたノウハウを活かし、2017年よりServiceNowパートナーとして本格的に活動を開始しました。 ServiceNowの販売、導入コンサルティングのみに留まらず、アプリケーション開発、インテグレーションサービス、お客様による内製化実現のためのトレーニング提供、導入後のサポートに至るまで、当社ワンストップで提供できることを強みにお客様の課題解決を全力でご支援します。 詳細は是非コムチュアのホームページをご覧ください。 (コムチュアコーポレートサイト:

ServiceNow Designations & Awards

Authorized Training Partner, Training Partner
APJ Regional Partner Award 2021

Product Line Certifications

Customer Service Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Customer Service Management 19
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Field Service Management 1
  • Suite Certification - CSM Professional 11
Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance 2
HR Service Delivery
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources 2
  • Suite Certification - HR Professional 2
IT Asset Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management 1
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management 2
IT Operations Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery 7
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management 1
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping 1
IT Service Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management 23
  • Suite Certification - ITSM Professional 12
Now Platform App Engine
  • ServiceNow Certified Application Developer 15
Security Operations
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Security Incident Response 2
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vulnerability Response 4
Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management 4

Country and Region Coverage

ServiceNow Implementation Territories

  • APJ


ServiceNow Resale Territories

  • APJ


Partner Locations

  • APJ


ServiceNow Assure


Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

ServiceNow Partner Type

Sales, Services, Technology

Product Line Achievements

Now Platform App Engine



Customer Satisfaction Score

4.07 out of 5 from Responses

ServiceNow Store

Store Application(s)

A partner who has co-delivered 3 engagements with ServiceNow within the last 12-month period.

What is this?

The ServiceNow Services Partner Program requires our implementation partners to register their services engagement projects. Upon project completion, our implementation partners submit customer information which ServiceNow uses to conduct a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey on behalf of the partner to measure success and gather feedback, which we use to continually improve. CSAT ratings may not reflect input from all customers of each partner.

How is this calculated?
The CSAT score, based on the 5-level Likert scale, is converted into numeric values ranging from 1-to-5, which 5 being the highest possible score. Each partner's CSAT rating is equal to a rolling 365-day average score of customer responses received across completed engagement.