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Application Portfolio Management

Today’s ever‑changing and often disruptive business environment makes aligning applications to business processes and corporate strategy more critical than ever. You need complete visibility into your applications to optimize costs, ensure alignment, and easily adapt to change.

ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management (APM) uses the CMDB, discovery processes, and cost modeling to deliver a complete picture of your application portfolio. Indepth portfolio knowledge makes it easy to rationalize apps, resulting in cost optimization and alignment with business processes and corporate strategy.


Rationalize applications by comparing application functions and choosing which should be the standard

Reduce application costs by eliminating duplicates and focusing on the most efficient delivery methods and contracts

Invest in the right application by evaluating the significance, usage, and other application factors

Application Highlights

New insights into your portfolio of business applications from the application landscape

New insights into your portfolio of business applications from the application landscape

New insights into your portfolio of business applications from the application landscape

Gain visibility, achieve alignment, optimize cost

Gain visibility, achieve alignment, optimize cost

Feature Details

  • Application Analysis

    APM helps you assess your portfolio with a comprehensive inventory of applications, augmented by information from elsewhere in ServiceNow and from external sources. Dashboards present a broad array of indicators, including cost, quality, risk, user satisfaction, and business alignment.

  • Capability Map Gap

    A capability map and gaps that may be exposed is essential for optimizing application architectures to support  business processes. The capability map is actionable and linked to idea creation that lets users take action on items that require remediation. 

  • Plan and Execute

    APM helps determine the appropriate fate of each application, creates a roadmap for tasks, and tracks plan execution. You’ll work in conjunction with your enterprise architecture and adhere to a roadmap that gets the right applications to the optimal version and deployment model for your organization. 

  • Guided Setup

    Guided Setup provides out‑of‑the‑box guidance and proven practices gathered from successful implementations across the ServiceNow customer base. A visual wizard walks customers step‑by‑step through the deployment process. 


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