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Audit Management

Prioritize internal audits using risk data and entity info to eliminate recurring audit findings, enhance audit assurance, and increase productivity.

Benefits of Audit Management

Prepare better for audits

Risk assess auditable units in advance to improve internal audit management and planning.

Eliminate recurring findings

Help audit managers stay ahead of issues with continuous compliance monitoring.

Increase productivity

Reduce manual effort and costs with automated evidence collection plus smart issue management.

Improve decision-making

Differentiate issues from observations and communicate priorities at every level.

Features of Audit Management

Streamlining IT risk management audit processes

Audit engagement lifecycle

Streamline the process for creating, planning, scoping, and execution, plus reporting findings.

Internal audit management resource and time tracking

Audit project management

Track engagement resources, costs, and timesheets using Product Portfolio Management.

Using AI for smarter risk management and data privacy

Smart issue management

Use AI/ML to assign, group, and suggest remediation for issues—then automate response workflows.

Audit teams requesting evidence from frontline users

Evidence requests

Request evidence from frontline users and consolidate for easy reuse. Eliminate data-age questions.

Additional Features

Persona-based workspaces

View your audit activities and engagement tasks with real-time, role-based landing pages and reports.

Test plans and workpapers

Test control design and operations. Monitor continuously using indicators and CMDB evidence.

Workflow editor

Build or edit pre-built workflows for audit engagements, control or risk assessments, and remediation.

Risk assessment

Identify risk associated with auditable units to better scope engagements and mitigate risk.

Tracking progress

Visualize timelines and track engagement progress using milestones and the Audit Workbench.

Audit Management is available with GRC

How to get Audit Management

Audit Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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