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Automated Testing Framework (ATF)

Complete upgrades faster, reduce risk, and quickly remediate customization issues by automating slow, resource‑intensive manual testing.

Benefits of Automated Testing Framework

Complete upgrades faster

Automate slow, complex, resource-intensive manual testing processes and run them in parallel.

Minimize risk

Overcome customization obstacles with immediate visibility into test results.

Optimize upgrade testing resources

Reduce the need for end users or business stakeholders to test upgrades.

Features of Automated Testing Framework

Streamline test automation with test-creation templates

Templated test creation

Customize and create tests using out-of-the-box templates for all ServiceNow® products.

Speed upgrade times for your automated testing framework

Reduced upgrade times

Employ all available tests safely and quickly.

Identify custom components through test automation

Custom components

Test user interfaces for custom forms, portals, apps, and more.

Incorporate multiple parameters within your test automation

Multiple parameters

Improve efficiency by incorporating multiple data values in a single test.

Additional features

Headless browser support

Test UI functionality without having to manually open a browser to the Client Test Runner.

Upgrade-safe tests

Eliminate technical debt by setting up tests once and reusing them every time there’s an upgrade.

Full-stack testing

Automate UI testing of forms and service-catalog requests, plus server-side and REST API tests.

Results tracking

Run a suite of tests with a single click, and analyze results to determine if remediation is needed.

Automated Testing Framework is available with App Engine

How to get Automated Testing Framework

Automated Testing Framework is available with App Engine. Empower developers and builders of all skill levels to create low‑code workflow apps fast.

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