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Compare the performance of your services to the industry averages of your peers with the industry’s largest anonymized customer data set.

Benefits of Benchmarks

Compare peer performance

Compare company performance to peers of like size and location using industry averages and trends.

Get personalized guidance

Analyze and optimize performance with actionable insights based on KPI values and proven practices.

Make instant improvements

Boost performance by creating well-informed improvement initiatives with a single click.

Rely on safe data

Rest assured that strict privacy is maintained across the anonymized global data-collection process.

Features of Benchmarks

View an array of performance benchmarking snapshots

Benchmarks data set

Guide critical business outcomes by tapping into the industry’s largest, most up‑to‑date benchmarks.

Monitor comparative KPI performance-trend information

Benchmark KPIs

Track and compare your KPIs to measure outcomes and to set strategic, measurable goals.

Find recommendations that improve the service experience

Benchmark recommendations

Advance your service-excellence journey with personalized suggestions based on proven examples.

Access comparative IT performance benchmarks

Global benchmarks

View a side-by-side comparison of your organization’s metrics with recognized industry standards.

Additional Features

Vulnerability response benchmark KPIs

Track and analyze the susceptibilities that affect your assets to see how you measure up to peers.

Data privacy

Define who within your organization has access to anonymized service-management data.

Benchmarks is available with Now Platform

How to get Benchmarks

Benchmarks is available with the Now Platform®. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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