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Change Management

Simplify, automate, and accelerate change velocity using built-in AI, data-driven flows, and fit-for-purpose change models—for faster time to value.

Benefits of Change Management

Increase change velocity

Accelerate change using dynamic approval policies and automated state transitions.

Enhance proficiency and accuracy

Use the change success score to evaluate the probability of success.

Integrate seamlessly with DevOps and SRE

Keep distributed developers in their tools while easily leveraging the power of the Now Platform®.

Use fit-for-purpose change models

Meet dev teams exactly where they are based on their practices, tool chains, and maturity.

Features of Change Management

Tailoring change activities with multimodal templates

Multimodal change

Give change managers an easy way to tailor change activities and flows to specific use cases. 

Automating approvals using the change success score card

Change success score

Use a numeric score to automate approvals for low-risk changes and evaluate probability of success.

Change teams using dynamic change approval policies

Change approval policies

Help change teams balance velocity, stability, and compliance using individual change conditions.

Using machine learning to determine change risk

Risk intelligence

Use machine learning similarity algorithms and classification to make data-driven risk predictions.

Additional Features

Built-in risk assessment and calculation

Evaluate risk through calculations and assessments combining top‑level CMDB data and user input.

Conflict scheduling

Avoid potential conflicts by selecting available dates and times from a consolidated view.

Concurrent change management

View planned changes, blackouts, and maintenance schedules using an interactive timeline calendar.

Single system of record

See configuration items and connected services. Understand the impact of changes and release plans.

Guided setup

Deploy Change Management in days with simple steps, embedded help, and visual status checks.

CAB Workbench

Run an efficient Change Advisory Board meeting to get guidance on proposed high-risk changes.

Change Management is available with ITSM

How to get Change Management

Change Management is available with ITSM. Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT.

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