CLOUD OBSERVABILITY Cloud native logging Give your team access to real-time log data and the confidence to resolve issues before they escalate.
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Benefits of cloud native logging Scale with your business Support petabyte-scale storage and ingestion, making it suitable for enterprise-grade applications. Integrate workflows, isolate incidents Fast search and analysis tools scour logs alongside metrics and traces for more proactive troubleshooting of impacted services. Easy set up and use Speed up adoption with a simple, intuitive interface and support for the most common log formats.
Features of cloud native logging Full integration across your telemetry Integrate metrics, traces, and logging data for more in-depth details and faster troubleshooting of events and errors. Faster root cause analysis Group and filter by virtually any datapoint—customer, cloud, pod, trace, and more. Dynamic schema Instead of a fixed-schema, cloud native logging’s dynamic schema allows a more flexible data structure. More proactive reporting Detect issues and identify trends before they impact business processes, employees, and customers.
How to get cloud native logging Cloud native logging is available with ServiceNow Cloud Observability, a petabyte scale unified platform. Contact Sales
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