CLOUD OBSERVABILITY Correlation Engine Know exactly why things change. Give your team the clarity and confidence they need to resolve issues before customers even notice them.
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Benefits of Correlation Engine Fewer dashboards and faster insights Analyze system-wide metrics, logs, and tracing data to answer the questions that matter most. Increase visibility across your stack Move seamlessly from a high-level view of dependencies to specific services or signals contributing to issues in production. Resolve issues and improve performance Surface the insights your teams need without scrolling through dozens of dashboards.
Features of Correlation Engine Error identification See where latency, error rates, or other service level indicators have experienced the greatest change—no matter how unlikely or rare. See change over time Gain end-to-end visibility across your stack—any app, any service, any cloud. Know exactly why things change Surface the most important changes in your system. Get complete system visibility and context to understand and resolve complex issues quickly. Full-stack correlations Connect user experience and resource consumption with changes in your applications and infrastructure.
How to get Correlation Engine The Correlation Engine is available with Cloud Observability. Build intuitive workflows to drive the digital business of today with a petabyte scale, unified observability platform. Contact Sales
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