Demand Management

Your employees want their requests completed now. To do that, you need a big picture view of all requests to determine the right investments to make. ServiceNow® Demand Management centralizes strategic business and IT requests, streamlining the investment decision process for new products, services, repairs, and enhancements.  

From a single dashboard, you get visibility into project health, cost, and portfolio performance, along with the ability to centralize, collect, and prioritize all demand. You get the ability to assess, manage, and accurately forecast demand for products and services. 



Organize all demand to better understand overall demand and enable better prioritization and strategic alignment

Provide stakeholder visibility to help stakeholders track, manage, and forecast the demand for products and services

Optimize the demand process by collecting, organizing, scoring, and prioritizing demand based on value to the enterprise

Application Highlights

Quickly visualize demand scoring and comparisons

A screenshot of an example of how to quickly visualize demand scoring and comparisons

Quickly visualize demand scoring and comparisons

See how ideas turn into demand

A screenshot of a dashboard example of how ideas turn into demand

See how ideas turn into demand

Feature Details

  • Automated Stakeholder Register

    When a new demand request is submitted, all stakeholders impacted by the demand are automatically populated into the demand stakeholder list, ensuring that the right people validate the associated business cases. Additional stakeholders can be added or removed manually.

  • Timeline Visualizations

    Timeline visualizations provide a high‑level view of strategic and operational activities over time. The demand backlog is an interactive visualization that shows all current demand. The backlog provides different views and the ability to filter requests by portfolio, or view them as a list.

  • Configurable Bubble Charts

    Bubble charts are useful for comparing demand requests based on common metrics such as risk rating, return on investment, and cost. They are dynamically updated as requests are created and assessed. 

    Records are plotted on the chart so viewers can quickly compare scorecards for each request. The charts are configurable, with advanced filtering to analyze the data.

  • Connection to the Service Catalog

    The ServiceNow Service Catalog provides the front door to IT, enabling the business to submit ideas via a centralized location. This also allows IT and requesters to track the status and progress of all demand requests across the enterprise.

  • Customizable Demand Process

    Build custom metrics and process flows for demand based on individual departmental needs. A request that falls into a specific category can automatically launch an approval process, based on specific requirements from the business or department.

    Alerts and notifications throughout the process can inform IT and key stakeholders at each stage.



Demand Management

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