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Get visibility across your on-premises, cloud, and serverless infrastructure. Manage TLS certificates and firewall policies in a single system.

Benefits of Discovery

Realize fast time-to-value

Simplify discovery of hardware, virtual and cloud resources, and serverless clusters for the CMDB.

Increase service availability

Minimize the danger of service degradation or outage with better certificate and firewall management.

Power digital transformation

Understand traditional deployments and manage new cloud and container environments on one system.

Make the most of your investments

Integrate discovery data with connectors to build an up-to-date CMDB with automated workflows.

Features of Discovery

Intuitively discover on-premises and cloud environments

Automated discovery

Get single-platform visibility into IaaS, PaaS, and FaaS with agent, agentless, and cloud-native discovery.

Keep your TLS certificate inventory up to date

Certificate management

Compile an up-to-date inventory and receive alerts when TLS certificates are about to expire.

Simplify auditing with firewall management and reporting

Firewall audits and reporting

Manage firewall policies on one system to gain visibility, de-risk change, and simplify auditing.

Load third-party data with Service Graph Connectors

Service Graph Connectors

Load third-party data into the CMDB easily while maintaining quality, timeliness, and consistency.

Discovery is available with IT Operations Management

How to get Discovery

Discovery is available with IT Operations Management. Deliver high‑performance business services with visibility and AIOps.

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