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ServiceNow Edge Encryption

Edge Encryption

Before you can reap the benefits of cloud‑based service delivery, you need to be confident your company's data is secure and protected. That's easier said than done in a world where data sovereignty, privacy requirements, expanding compliance regulations, and the growing risk of security breaches are creating concerns over data residing on a public or private cloud.

Our data encryption provides peace of mind by encrypting your data before it goes to the ServiceNow cloud data center. You retain full control of the data encryption keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt your data, so there's never any concern of losing control of your company's most important assets.

Encrypted Data Through Edge Encryption Proxy - What You See

Encrypted Data Through Edge Encryption Proxy - What You See

Bypassing Edge Encryption Proxy - What We See

what we see

Bypassing Edge Encryption Proxy - What We See

What You See —Tokenized Data Through Edge Encryption Proxy

What You See

What You See —Tokenized Data Through Edge Encryption Proxy

What We See — Tokenized Data Bypassing Edge Encryption Proxy

What We See

What We See — Tokenized Data Bypassing Edge Encryption Proxy

Industry-Best Data Protection

Deliver your ServiceNow cloud‑based enterprise services, with complete confidence in the security of your data. Edge Encryption is an on‑premise proxy server that uses industry standard encryption and tokenization to make specific ServiceNow instance data (fields and attachments) unreadable and unusable to any unauthorized user or application.

Using the integrated ServiceNow Edge Encryption solution, your data is protected while in motion and at rest. Data moving between your data center and your ServiceNow instance passes through the proxy, which is configured to encrypt specific fields and attachments before they reach the instance. Even in the unlikely event of a data breach of the ServiceNow data center, your encrypted data is useless to the attacker.

Secure Pattern-specific Content with Tokens

Tokenization masks only specific data patterns within a field while leaving any other data in that field unaffected

No key or algorithm required as tokenization uses a completely random process

Convenient for securing structured data such as credit card or social security numbers

Edge Encryption

Reduce Risks to Sensitive Data

Integrated protection that meets your compliance and governance requirements

Customer retained encryption key administration

Monitoring tools
 for status and troubleshooting

Edge Encryption

Mitigate the Risk of Data Leakage

Renders the data useless to the attacker in the unlikely event of a breach

Maintain trusted end‑to‑end protection for data in use, in motion, or at rest

Mass key rotation to ensure past historical records have the same protection as any newly created record

Edge Encryption

Minimize Impact to User Operations

Variable encryption level options to balance security with end‑user operation requirements

Customer‑defined encryption rules

Integrated management with ServiceNow administration tools 

Edge Encryption

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