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Engineering License Manager

Get accurate usage visibility and forecasting for engineering and specialty apps. Maximize license use, cut costs, and reduce business disruptions.

Benefits of Engineering License Manager

Improve spend and usage visibility

Get a better understanding of industry software use and costs for more than 25,000 engineering apps.

Reduce costs and right-size usage

Control usage across more than 50 types of license servers with insight into activity and denials.

Enhance employee efficiency and experience

Reduce productivity losses and help employees access the software they need, when they need it.

Simplify work using automation

Automate workflows to request, harvest, and allocate licenses. Notify users about what’s available.

Features of Engineering License Manager

Engineering license management overview dashboard

Overview dashboard

Monitor the position and use of engineering, specialty, and industrial application licenses.

Monitoring license usage for accurate forecasting

License usage summary

Monitor concurrent license consumption to accurately forecast needs and manage costs.

Identify idle licenses for better license management

Denials summary

Analyze licensing denials to identify idle licenses for reallocation to users waiting for access.

Define rules to automatically reclaim idle licenses

Reclamation rules

Define specific rules and utilization requirements to automatically reclaim idle or stale licenses.

Additional features

OpenLM integration

Manage more than 25,000 engineering and industrial applications using OpenLM technology.

Data-rich reporting

Gain deep insight to accurately report on user activity, usage, alerts, and accurate denials.

Engineering License Manager is available with Software Asset Management

How to get Engineering License Manager

Engineering License Manager is available with Software Asset Management. Take control of software license management across the enterprise.

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