Align Data, People, and Goals to Drive Business Outcomes

Continuous improvement in employee satisfaction and HR efficiency in the modern enterprise requires real‑time visibility and effortless reporting. ServiceNow® Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery is an easy‑to‑use, integrated application designed for visualizing and analyzing organizational goals and results.


Tap into the world’s largest library of pre‑defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, designed specifically for managing HR services.


Anticipate trends and drive continual improvement with performance monitoring that pinpoints problems and opportunities

Prioritize and align with business goals using real-time insights that detect bottlenecks and help you quickly re-allocate resources

Enhance self-service and improve satisfaction when you easily identify, predict, and proactively address common requests

Application Highlights

Explore and analyze results through interactive HR Dashboards and scorecards

A screenshot of the Analytics Hub that show results via an the interactive HR dashboards and scorecards

Explore and analyze results through interactive HR Dashboards and scorecards

Drill into and break down scores by business units, teams, and categories

A screenshot of the Analytics Hub that allows you to drill into results by business units, teams, and categories

Drill into and break down scores by business units, teams, and categories

Feature Details

  • Best-practice KPIs and dashboards

    Easily set and track goals against strategic business objectives and provide senior executives with real‑time insights into overall HR performance. Quickly detect HR service bottlenecks and easily reallocate resources to mitigate any service delivery issues.

  • Real-time visibility

    Pinpoint poor employee service experiences and take action to improve satisfaction using key indicators, mobile‑enhanced scorecards, drill‑downs, and dashboards.

  • Forecasting

    Continuously monitor performance and use advanced forecasting to predict future trends. Easily anticipate common employee service requests, and put self‑service measures in place so employees can easily find answers themselves.

  • Text Analytics

    Go beyond structured data—extract trends and patterns from freeform text fields to read between the lines. Identify keywords and phrases from comments or surveys to understand what your employees really need.

  • Spotlight

    Deliver absolute focus to HR employees by highlighting exactly what they should prioritize. Use business requirements instead of gut feel to rank tasks based on what’s most important to your organization.


Performance Analytics is part of HR Service Delivery

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