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Change and Release Management

Technology advances are driving rapid change in modern enterprise IT organizations. And with organizations highly dependent on technology, managing continual change across complex, enterprise wide services is crucial to success.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management reduces the cost and risk of rapid, ongoing changes with capabilities such as an intuitive change calendar, dynamic risk and impact calculation, and change collision detection. The ServiceNow Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench simplifies CAB meetings, enabling change managers to easily schedule, plan, and manage meetings from a single source. Built‑in integration with ServiceNow applications such as Problem Management and Software Development Lifecycle ensures that activities and data flow smoothly between applications, insulating both IT and business operations from unplanned and uncontrolled change.


Quick Change Management Backlog Analysis with Interactive Dashboards

Change and Release Management

Quick Change Management Backlog Analysis with Interactive Dashboards

Product Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

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Product Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

Reduce the Costs and Risks of Change

With a centralized system of record and a single integrated change calendar, you'll minimize the risks and costs associated with rapid changes, and be better positioned to set expectations around change management in your company.

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Quick Start - An Overview of ITIL (Service Strategy)

The Service Transition stage is where you double‑check everything before it goes live. Learning all of the processes in this stage can be arduous, but don’t freak out.

Integrate Change Process Across IT

Provide a single, auditable repository of all planned changes and releases

Reduce duplication of effort with right‑click‑integration to other ServiceNow delivery processes

Access accurate asset and service information, straight from the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

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Easy, Guided Setup

Simplify setup and deploy Change Management in a matter of days — not weeks — with easy‑to‑follow configuration steps and embedded help

Gauge your implementation progress with visual status checks; and get your implementation right the first time without the need for expert assistance

Build expertise on the go with product tours while configuring the ITSM solution to its fullest potential

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Improve Service Relationships with the Business

Help users understand the complexity and risks associated with changes

Better manage expectations about change timeframes

Increase user satisfaction with predictable and well‑executed change and release cycles

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Gain Insight Into Changes and Releases

Offer increased visibility into the change schedule with an intuitive change calendar

Protect business operations and ensure that the right risk and impact factors are being considered with dynamic calculations in the change risk calculator

Understand change conflicts with other changes or blackouts by using embedded ITIL change management collision detection

Improve configuration management and asset management data quality through closed‑loop change management

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Control Change Across Functions

Provide insight into the potential business risks associated with an IT change

Create, monitor, approve, and execute changes anywhere, anytime, on any device

Support functional and geographic differences via chat and ServiceNow Live Feed collaboration

Leverage virtual chat rooms for emergency change approvals or on‑the‑fly change advisory board meetings

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