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Cost Management

ServiceNow Cost Management quantifies the financial costs of IT services and assets. This fit‑for‑purpose application not only provides insight into what is being spent, but also where – and why – costs are being incurred. ServiceNow Cost Management consolidates the reporting and tracking of costs to provide service and project views of expenditure.

Gain Visibility into the Costs of IT Business Services Based on Allocating Costs from the Infrastructure to the Business Service

ServiceNow IT Cost Management

Gain Visibility into the Costs of IT Business Services Based on Allocating Costs from the Infrastructure to the Business Service

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Organizations are under increasing pressure to calculate what IT actually costs and the business value it delivers in return. Visibility into the cost of services is often challenging because financial data is scattered across multiple tools, making reporting difficult and unreliable.

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Quick Start - An Overview of ITIL (Service Strategy)

The Service Transition stage is where you double ‑ check everything before it goes live. Learning all of the processes in this stage can be arduous, but don’t freak out.

Better Understand IT Costs

Aggregate asset costs, including hardware, software, and contracts

Inventory labor costs related to staff work time, project tasks, incident change and other tickets, request tasks, and more

ServiceNow Deliver Rapid Time to Value

Manage and Optimize IT Budgets

Leverage IT cost data and realize financial efficiencies to justify further investment in resources, infrastructure or services

Use demand management and variable pricing to drive down peak‑period service usage

ServiceNow Create a Scure and Robust Environment

Deliver Financial Transparency

Use chargeback or showback to allocate or illustrate the costs of IT service delivery

Report IT expenses by department, by project or by service

Make financial benchmark comparisons with ServiceNow Performance Analytics

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