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Maximize cloud oversight. Migrate workloads, assist with policy compliance, and help ensure applications and services perform the way they should.

Benefits of Governance

Establish tag standardization

Enforce policies to maintain cloud tags’ health and complete traceability.

Increase configuration compliance

Alert and remediate the changes in configuration that violate existing policies within minutes.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Plan your cloud migration with in-depth visibility of your on-premises workloads.

Take action in the cloud

Embed common cloud actions into your ServiceNow® automation portfolio via the Cloud Action Library.

Features of Governance

Enhance cloud governance with tagging error identification

Tag governance

Use a single pane of glass view to visualize and fix incorrect cloud tags.

Manage error analysis to improve cloud governance

Config violation analysis

Scan through cloud resources for improper and vulnerable configurations, and remediate them.

Bolster cloud governance with onsite workload migration

Workload migration

Create migration assessment tasks and group servers, and track task status.

Control new actions for easier cloud governance

Intelligent cloud actions

Utilize and create new actions with Automation Engine for a variety of cloud operations use cases.

Governance is available with IT Operations Management

How to get Governance

Governance is available with IT Operations Management. Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolution with AIOps.

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