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Metric Intelligence

Analyze your IT infrastructure performance proactively to spot service degradation and help eliminate outages.

Benefits of Metric Intelligence

Reduce service disruptions

Pinpoint performance anomalies quickly to improve incident resolution time and effort.

Boost productivity

Reduce manual configuration requirements by automatically identifying bounds and thresholds.

Minimize issue repetition

Use intuitive data visualization to identify configuration items (CIs) with the same problem.

Maintain service availability

Analyze outages post mortem to find the cause and verify that service is operating normally again.

Features of Metric Intelligence

Anomaly detection for better operational intelligence

Anomaly detection

Get notified when performance metrics exceed thresholds across a wide range of criteria.

Automated thresholds for operational intelligence

Automated thresholds

Reduce manual effort by automatically creating dynamic thresholds using machine learning.

Search operational intelligence data via metric explorer

Metric explorer

Visualize resource performance by searching metrics across CIs, including cloud-native containers.

Time series database provides operational intelligence

Time series database

Access a long-term database for easy additional analysis across other teams.

Metric Intelligence is available with ITOM

How to get Metric Intelligence

Metric Intelligence is available with IT Operations Management. Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolution with AIOps.

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