CLOUD OBSERVABILITY Investigative Notebooks Transform your troubleshooting journey. Spend less time investigating issues and more time building.     
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Benefits of Investigative Notebooks Understand your entire tech estate Use in-context analysis to reduce the mean time to resolution. Drive proactive performance improvements without breaking your investigative flow.
See what’s on the horizon Analyze large volumes of data to spot trends. Identify outliers quickly and easily using multiple visualization types.
Foster teamwork across the org Increase collaboration across dev, SRE, and Ops to resolve issues in real-time. Improve incident response rates with insight into the context of the problem.
Features of Investigative Notebooks Analyze system changes Understand changes and root cause in service health with suggested routes to continue the investigation.
Deepen data discovery View granular, context-specific data using a variety of visualizations to resolve issues in real-time and in post-mortems.
Track deployments in real-time Use context-informed data to improve incident response rates in dynamic environments with changing complexity.
Gain up and downstream visibility Quickly understand the scope of the problem by looking upstream and downstream with data powered by your telemetry.
How to get Investigative Notebooks Investigative Notebooks are available with ServiceNow Cloud Observability. Build intuitive workflows to drive the digital business of today with a petabyte scale, unified observability platform.
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