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It’s hard to drive value across the business when you’re putting out fires and completing manual, error‑prone tasks. As much as you want to automate tasks and processes, dealing with disparate tools and lack of coordination between teams slows you down. Leave your operational management worries behind.

ServiceNow® Orchestration automates IT and business processes for operations management. It includes Password Reset, Client Software Distribution, and activity packs. Reduce tasks, improve productivity, and automate and accelerate processes.


Accelerate service delivery with ready-to-use tools, templates, and apps, plus native integration with our Nonstop Cloud

Increase service agility and produce fast, predictable results when you automate manual, routine, error-prone tasks

Use data and their insights to measure and track ROI and identify areas where automation would most benefit your company

Application Highlights

Simplify operational management with ServiceNow Orchestration

Simplify operational management with ServiceNow Orchestration

Use activities to automate tasks from third-party products

Use activities to automate tasks from third-party products

Use activities to automate tasks from third-party products

Create reusable activities and publish them to the database

Create reusable activities and publish them to the database

Create reusable activities and publish them to the database

Feature Details

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  • ROI Calculator

    Get immediate, out‑of‑the‑box value, so you can reap the benefits of automation from day one. Orchestration's ROI calculator is built on ServiceNow Cost Management and tracks the ROI of every automation run, calculating cost savings over time. It can also project savings for tasks that IT can then prioritize for automation. 

  • Activities and Applications

    Activities are the building blocks of orchestration. An activity performs a discrete task as part of a multistep process. Orchestration includes pre‑built activities to interact with systems typically found in data centers and the cloud. Use activity templates and a codeless activity designer to rapidly create orchestration activities, which you can edit centrally, move between instances, and reuse across multiple automation scenarios.

    Orchestration use cases include end‑user productivity, infrastructure automation, and business automation. Turnkey solutions for user provisioning, client software distribution, and password reset ensure that new employees are productive on day one, and quickly get access to the tools they need to get their job done.

    Orchestration also supports infrastructure, network, and business automation. Key use cases include managed file transfer, social media automation, and automated onboarding. If you take advantage of the ServiceNow Cloud Management application, Orchestration serves as its foundation.

  • Password Reset

    Password Reset significantly reduces the overall volume of IT service requests with self‑service and automation that lets users reset their own passwords.

    The application is optimized for active directory, extends to support custom credential stores and verification methods, and simplifies service desk–assisted password resets.

  • Client Software Distribution

    Client Software Distribution lets users request client software from a service catalog and automates the key processes and tasks associated with distributing software to the requestor's computer.

    The application integrates with ServiceNow IT Asset Management for licensing management, the ServiceNow Service Catalog for entitlements, and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or other software distribution engines for deploying software.


Orchestration Is Part of...

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Consolidate fragmented legacy tools and transform your IT services from end‑to‑end.

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Proactively eliminate service outages and manage hybrid clouds.