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Your IT team wants to launch products quickly, so employees can get work done fast. But provisioning cloud resources too quickly can lead to virtual machine (VM) sprawl, unmanaged resources, and out‑of‑control costs. IT needs to monitor resource allocation and budget, without slowing down innovation.

ServiceNow Cloud Management allows your IT teams to provision public and private cloud infrastructure and services fast, while providing consistent management and cost visibility of those resources. IT teams can choose from Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMware vSphere, and extend to other public and private cloud vendors—making it easy to manage and control your cloud management system.

Cost Visibility

Cost Visibility

Cloud Management Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

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Cloud Management Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

Demo Cloud Management Today

ServiceNow Cloud Management

Demo Cloud Management Today

Self-Service Access to Cloud Resources

Self-Service Access to Cloud Resources

Complex Cloud Management Made Easy

Keep pace with business innovation without losing control of your cloud environment. ServiceNow Cloud Management enables the rapid provisioning of cloud resources while maintaining consistent management and multi‑cloud cost visibility to eliminate VM sprawl. 


Deliver Automated Self-Service Cloud Management

Provide business users with the ability to self‑provision and self‑manage pre‑defined configurations through the ServiceNow Service Catalog—automating the fulfillment of cloud infrastructure requests while minimizing the time IT spends managing requests

Manage approvals and change management activities for cloud infrastructures using the same processes, workflow, and change policy enforcement used for all infrastructures

ServiceNow Create a Scure and Robust Environment

Optimize Cloud Utilization

Minimize VM sprawl and ensure optimal infrastructure utilization throughout the entire cloud lifecycle

Integrate cloud provisioning activities into other service management processes to deliver end‑to‑end automation, from problem to resolution

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Gain Insight Through Cloud Operations Portal

Get an at‑a‑glance view of infrastructure components that require attention while gaining deep visibility into your public and private cloud operations

Improve configuration data accuracy by leveraging the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as the single system of record for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure

Gain a deeper understanding of resource allocation and costs with multi‑cloud cost management, including detailed reports, updated daily, with multiple drill‑down options

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