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Project Portfolio Management

With visibility into your demand, resources, and project portfolio, you can better align your efforts with corporate strategy, execute faster, and optimize resource allocation across all projects.


ServiceNow® Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides ubiquitous visibility, from idea to execution. Centralized demand management optimizes prioritization and planning. When demand becomes projects, resource management tracks planned and unplanned work in one place. Agile management, testing, and other collaboration tools improve productivity and enable faster delivery of high‑quality services. 



Align IT resources with strategy by coordinating better with business needs and collaborating with stakeholders

Work faster with process automation that provides non-project workload insight to avoid project delays

Facilitate ideation by generating, developing, and communicating new ideas that support corporate initiatives

Application Highlights

Standard Life creates value beyond IT with PPM

Standard Life creates value beyond IT with PPM

Get visibility into your project portfolio

View all your projects in one place

Get visibility into your project portfolio

Enhance decision-making with Portfolio Workbench

Align demand with strategic goals

Enhance decision-making with Portfolio Workbench

Feature Details

  • Project Portfolio

    Create and manage a wide range of projects, from a few small tasks to large portfolios of projects containing complex activities with various relationships and dependencies. 

    Organize development tasks into projects, and projects into programs and portfolios. Then collaborate, report, and track your project planning with more information for better business decision‑making.

  • Resource Management

    Manage and forecast with a single tool to allocate your staff effectively, see which resources are available at any given time, and distribute tasks with a thorough understanding of your existing resource workloads.

  • Demand Management

    Centralize all your strategic requests from the business and consolidate the investment decision process for new products and services. That will help you generate, develop, and communicate new ideas to support corporate initiatives that improve, drive, and grow the business.

    You’ll also be able to easily assess, track, manage, and accurately forecast demand for products and services.

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development overcomes the disconnect between enhancements and fixes by managing Scrum, Waterfall, or mixed development efforts, and defining the tasks required to develop and maintain software throughout the lifecycle. You’ll increase development lifecycle visibility and cross‑team reporting. 

  • Test Management

    Test Management is a user acceptance testing (UAT) framework that, used in conjunction with ServiceNow Project Portfolio and Agile Development, helps project teams and business users deliver higher quality services faster. It aligns project teams and business users to a common outcome in the delivery of business services.


Project Portfolio Management Is Part of…

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IT Business Management

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