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Request Management

Provide AI-powered self-service for employees and customers. Make it easy to request products, services, and answers—anytime, on any device.

Benefits of Request Management

Meet users where they are 24/7

Deliver a personalized experience on the device or channel of choice—no extra development required.

Improve productivity

Resolve common issues via AI, automation, and self-service. Free IT to focus on complex requests.

Boost user satisfaction

Meet employee and customer expectations—keep them up-to-date with status updates and notifications.

Maintain your services menu easily

Let anyone create and update product and service offerings, without added development costs.

Features of Request Management

Chatbots delivering IT service management solutions

Chatbot-embedded portals

Give users around-the-clock answers via keyword search and natural language understanding.

Creating and updating your service catalog easily

Service catalog builder

Make products and services discoverable via self-service, with a visual guided design experience.

Simplifying service request management with Mobile Agent

Native mobile app

Manage requests and collaborate on the go. Get real-time notifications and take immediate action.

Embedding request management into collaboration apps

Embedded experiences

Integrate with collaboration tools your teams already use to support work-friendly requests.

Additional features

Mobile-friendly experiences

Find answers, get help, and make or track requests on the go—intuitively, and on your device.

Unified service center

Request services from IT, HR, and beyond in one place, with relevant info and easy collaboration.

Graphical workflow

Design drag-and-drop request workflows and differentiate catalog items with built-in automation.

Service level agreements

Check, follow, and understand all SLAs for requested services to ensure commitments are met.

Single-pane agent view

Give agents one place to respond to user needs with access to Service Catalog from Agent Workspace.

Quick and easy approvals

Expedite request processes and minimize delays with approvals via email, virtual agent, or mobile.

Two-way notifications

Encourage transparency and expedite mean time to resolution (MTTR) with automatic notifications.

Reports and dashboards

Measure service levels and drive continual improvement with built-in metrics and surveys.

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Automated Test Framework
Upgrade quickly and easily with an out-of-the-box testing framework. Using quick-start test infrastructure, admins can create and maintain tests to run on a number of applications, even if they have different data sets or are UI pages that are part of the Now Platform®.
Chabot-embedded portals
Give customers and employees 24/7 access to solutions by linking your ServiceNow® chatbot to the service portal. Solve simple and complex issues easily using keyword search and natural language understanding and give both end users and service providers time to focus on the work that matters most.
CSM integration
Let customers browse your service catalog in the customer service portal and create requests. Each submitted request generates an associated customer service case. Customer service agents can also create requests on behalf of customers, and link existing requests to cases.
Embedded experiences
Let employees make requests directly from the collaboration tools they’re already using, including Slack, Facebook Workplace, and Microsoft Teams.
Graphical workflow
Design drag-and-drop workflows easily to match your request processes. Give each catalog item a unique workflow and business rules with built-in automation. Track the complete service lifecycle, from request to delivery, using the ServiceNow audit trail.
Mobile-friendly experiences
Find answers, get help, and make and track requests on-the-go using intuitive gestures and built-in device capabilities. 
Native mobile app
Manage requests and collaborate with your team from the palm of your hand. Swipe to approve requests without even unlocking your phone, and take immediate action at every step thanks to real-time notifications.
Quick and easy approvals
Minimize delays and expedite requests. Check request status anytime, and choose email, virtual agents, or any smart mobile device to handle approvals. Rule-based configuration provides maximum flexibility, including predefined and multilevel approvals.
Reports and dashboards
Get real-time transparency into operations with configurable, role-based dashboards. Built-in metrics and surveys measure service levels and power continual improvement. Identify opportunities to improve service and provide training, and dig deeper with time-based trends.
Service catalog builder
Increase self-service by making products and services discoverable in the service catalog. Make it easy for service owners to design and update their offerings with a guided, visual experience in the catalog builder.
Service level agreements
Monitor all service level agreements (SLAs) for requested services to ensure commitments have been met. Detailed visualizations make it easy to understand active SLAs. Automated notifications and escalations keep everyone informed and let you gauge organizational performance.
Single-pane agent view
Give agents easy access to your service catalog from within the Agent Workspace app, so they can respond to all employee needs from a single place. 
Two-way notifications
Encourage transparency and expedite mean time to resolution (MTTR) with bidirectional communication between service desk technicians and customers or employees. Notify all involved parties automatically any time work notes are added or incident status changes.
Unified service center
Give employees and customers a single place to access services from IT, HR, and other departments. Provide user-specific content, relevant information, and built-in collaboration.

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