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Resource Management

ServiceNow Resource Management helps project and resource managers create plans, request staffing for projects, and assign people to specific tasks.  It provides a consolidated view of staff availability, allocation, and capacities for all work tracked in any ServiceNow application, including projects, incidents, problems, changes, and even custom applications built on the ServiceNow Platform.

Introducing ServiceNow Resource Management

ServiceNow Resource Management

Introducing ServiceNow Resource Management

Benefits to Your Enterprise IT

Staffing costs are one of the largest components of any IT budget, and yet significantly more management effort is expended on infrastructure than on these expensive resources. Effective management of resources and accurate forecasting of resource needs are constant challenges at any enterprise. Resource Management delivers total resource visibility to project managers, resource managers, and IT and business executives. It also enables accurate resource forecasting.

Optimize IT Staff Allocation

See which resources are available at any given time

Distribute tasks with an understanding of existing resource workloads

Enable anyone on staff to add tasks and view planned work on a calendar

View resource utilization with built‑in reporting and dashboards

ServiceNow Stairs

Match Resources with Requirements

Enable more precise alignment of resources with requests using calendars and schedules

Provide granular and flexible control over factors affecting resource availability, with support for enterprise‑defined allocations for administrative, operational, and planned work

ServiceNow Products and Solutions

Enable Better Resource Analysis and Forecasting

Analyze resource requirements quickly and easily using integration with ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Show actionable, real‑time resource forecasting for all IT work and projects through integration with ServiceNow IT service automation applications

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