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Risk Management

Continuously monitor to identify high-impact risks. Engage the first line through familiar user experiences and make better risk-based decisions.

Benefits of Risk Management

Accelerate risk-based decisions

Prioritize activities based on automated risk scores for better visibility.

Improve performance

Prevent work interruptions by embedding risk management into automated cross-functional activities.

Communicate risk effectively

Simplify and accelerate reporting at all levels with real-time insights plus role-based dashboards.

Stay on top of risks

Get the information you need right on your mobile to do your job—anytime, anywhere.

Features of Risk Management

Managing risk activities on the mobile risk app

Mobile risk app

Give risk managers an easy, familiar way to stay on top of risk activities wherever they go.

Manage vital risk information in a single register

Risk register

Identify and manage risks and vital information in a single place.

See key risk indicators with automatic monitoring

Key risk indicators

Identify noncompliant controls and monitor high-risk areas automatically without human intervention.

Design and schedule risk self-assessments

Risk assessments

Design and schedule self‑assessments based on maturity level to monitor risks and control accuracy.

Additional features

Qualitative and quantitative risk scores

Apply asset- and process-centric methods using service performance data plus CMDB business impact.

Risk and response workflow

Automate workflows across teams, such as reviewing the risk associated with assessment responses.

Smart issue management

Use AI/ML to assign, group, and suggest remediation, reducing time spent from days to just minutes.

Risk statement library

Align on a common risk taxonomy for easier consolidation of ratings and reporting.

Risk identification

Get guidance to map risks and autogenerate controls based on frontline questionnaire responses.

Advanced reporting

Use interactive dashboards and Performance Analytics for fine-grained data and risk trend analysis.

Performance indicators

Detect failing critical controls between assessments using Performance Analytics thresholds.

Risk Management is available with GRC

How to get Risk Management

Risk Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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