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Risk Management

With a constantly evolving regulatory environment, organizations often struggle to keep up. Complying with new regulations can be difficult, as can managing compliance across a variety of regulatory regimes. And beyond required compliance, organizations must also manage new and persistent risks quickly and efficiently.

With ServiceNow Risk Management, you'll have the visibility and flexibility you need to quickly assess, evaluate, and mitigate risk and non‑compliance events.

New Risk Management Application Helps IT GRC Programs

ServiceNow Risk Management

New Risk Management Application Helps IT GRC Programs

Stay One Step Ahead of Risk

Develop a sustainable approach toward risk, control, and compliance management.

Automate Policy Management

Powerful workflow automates policy management for internal policies, standard operating procedures (SOP), and any additional compliance documents

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Reduce Compliance Complexity

Easily download Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) authority documents and transform selected data into GRC tables through an approval process

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Perform Risk and Control Assessments

Risk Register provides a mechanism to track, assess, and respond to risks

Control register tracks the controls in place to mitigate those identified risks

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