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Automate legacy system integration and repetitive actions—rapidly and natively within the Now Platform® experience.

Benefits of RPA Hub

Accelerate automation

Simplify workflows with the fastest and most cost-effective robotic process automation (RPA).

Streamline integration

Connect legacy systems easily to automate time-consuming, UI-based interactions such as data entry.

Enhance employee productivity and experiences

Reduce manual, repetitive system actions so people can get back to the work they enjoy doing.

Features of RPA Hub

Management hub for task automation robots

Management hub

Orchestrate and manage robots centrally across their full lifecycle.

Desktop design studio for robotic process automation

Desktop design studio

Design and configure robotic flows for automation easily.

Native Flow Designer integration for easy task automation

Native integration

Develop automations for end-to-end workflows in a familiar, native experience within Flow Designer.

Over 1,300 out-of-the-box components for hyperautomation

Out-of-the-box components

Choose from 1,300+ tools including connectors, templates, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Additional Features

Attended robots

Unlock bandwidth for higher value work while attended bots automate mundane actions.

Unattended robots

Automate legacy data entry for ServiceNow® workflows with unattended bots.

RPA Hub is available with Automation Engine

How to get RPA Hub

RPA Hub is available with Automation Engine. Automate routine tasks and connect anything to ServiceNow.

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