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Service Graph Connectors

Maintain third-party data quality and consistency using certified integration partners for your Service Graph CMDB.

Benefits of Service Graph Connectors

Gain trust in your CMDB data

Import third-party data with certified guardrails to maintain consistency with other data sources.

Minimize operational risk

Reduce inconsistent, overlapping, and out-of-date data exposure that can impact service.

Minimize custom integrations

Simplify processes by using pre-built and certified integrations across various vendors.

Accelerate time to value

Let your teams focus on business initiatives instead of manually scrubbing data files and imports.

Features of Service Graph Connectors

Viewing dozens of available certified integrations

Certified integrations

Choose from dozens of available certified and supported third-party vendors.

Using guided setup to deploy quickly

Guided setup

Speed up deployment times with intuitive setup options and guidance.

Viewing the unified CMBD integrations dashboard

Unified dashboard

View standardized CMDB dashboards and maintain accuracy—even across multiple data sources.

Identifying and classifying source data

Data classification

Help prevent duplicate CIs and maintain consistent attribute values across multiple data sources.

Service Graph Connectors are available with ITOM

How to get Service Graph Connectors

Service Graph Connectors are available with IT Operations Management. Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolution with AIOps.

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