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Service Mapping

You deliver services your business needs to engage customers, streamline operations, and empower employees. These services have to be robust and responsive – or business suffers. But without an accurate understanding of the service topology, you cannot determine which business services are affected by component‑specific changes, failures, or performance issues. And manually mapping services is time‑consuming and produces maps that quickly become out‑of‑date.

Creating an accurate, service‑aware view of infrastructure and keeping it up‑to‑date is a challenge, particularly with conventional, manual approaches. Our patented “top‑down” approach to service mapping discovers and maps the relationships between IT components that comprise specific business services, even in dynamic, virtualized environments. Service Mapping continuously monitors IT infrastructure for service‑affecting changes and updates service maps in real‑time.

Get a Clear Picture of Business Services and the IT Infrastructure Underlying Them, without Putting Pen to Paper

Service Mapping

Get a Clear Picture of Business Services and the IT Infrastructure Underlying Them, without Putting Pen to Paper

Gain Visibility into Your Services and the Underlying Infrastructure

Quickly create accurate service maps that show the mix of applications and IT components that support a service and how they are related and automatically update the service maps as changes occur across IT applications and infrastructure.

Become Service-Aware

Extend the ServiceNow CMDB to be service‑aware by automating the creation and maintenance of accurate end‑to‑end service maps

Increase availability of key business services by prioritizing component‑specific incidents based on the impact to the business service

ServiceNow Create a Scure and Robust Environment

Gain Instant Visibility of Service Health and Availability

Equip IT staff to respond quickly and efficiently to critical business issues

Reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR) through rapid isolation of underlying causes of service‑impacting problems — avoiding inefficient “war‑room” scenarios

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Understand the Business Impact of Change

Determine how change management processes impact the availability of critical business services by correlating problems with recent change activities

Quickly understand if a detected change is approved or not, if an approved change has been deployed correctly and potential cascading changes required, prior to approving a change request

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Dramatically Simplify Service Continuity Planning

Know what needs to be included in data center migration efforts and which IT components need to be replicated in a backup data center to guarantee service continuity

Automate the creation and maintenance of accurate business service topology maps to ensure that there are no omissions that could compromise continued service operation

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