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Service Portal Designer

Software applications are the foundation to workplace productivity. But it’s not enough to simply develop great business applications for your organization. These tools are only as valuable as the number of employees that use them. The key is to provide your software in a modern, easy‑to‑use portal that employees can access from any device, any time. Service Portal Designer is the quick and flexible way to build an application portal that your employees will love.

Easily Create an Engaging and Modern Application Portal within the Now Platform

ServiceNow Service Portal

Easily Create an Engaging and Modern Application Portal within the Now Platform

Create Application Experiences that Delight Your Employees

Service Portal Designer provides a modular user interface framework for quick and easy building of application portals and dashboards for the Now Platform. It helps developers and non‑technical administrators create attractive and engaging user experiences that drive employee adoption of critical enterprise applications.

Streamline and Simplify Development

Ready‑to‑use and reusable components fully integrate with the Now Platform

Consolidated development with widget templates, styles, scripts, and previews all managed in a single page

Predefined widgets and widget editor that streamlines extending, customizing, and creating new widgets

Quick creation of robust portals, dashboards and applications with no platform code dependencies

Simple drag‑n‑drop designer makes both technical and non‑technical users more productive with less code

ServiceNow Man with Phone

Boost Employee Productivity

Fast performance with quick rendering of page content

Uninterrupted experiences with cross‑device compatibility for supporting modern form‑factor devices such as tablets and smart phones

Integrated features and functions within the platform for consistent application experiences

Model‑view‑controller paradigm allows everything to be built as a single‑page application with less dependency on application business logic

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