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A key measure of a successful implementation is the seamless adoption of new processes and supporting technology. That’s why it’s so important for your team to be aligned and working towards the same goal with your ServiceNow implementation. We’re here to help you prepare your business and users for the upcoming implementation to enhance performance and achieve overall business value. With the experience of thousands of implementations of all sizes and levels of complexity, our agile approach accelerates user adoption, removes barriers, and paves the way for success.

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Custom Training

Ensuring that process users are fully trained is critical to the success of your business. The training we create is customized according to your specific implementation of a ServiceNow application and can be delivered in many formats, matching your enablement strategy. Accelerate your time-to-value through engaging training that increases user adoption, encourages software utilization, and helps ensure project success. Whether you are planning to go live with ServiceNow or onboard new employees, custom training positions you to achieve your business objectives.

Training is available for the following processes:

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Custom Training delivery options

Training packages scale from a small group of process users or internal trainers to thousands of process users spread across the globe. Training is delivered via various formats including in‑person, virtual, on demand, and train the trainer.

Go-live support

Custom guided tour: Just‑in‑time application support within ServiceNow applications to help users perform tasks in real time. Custom Guided Tours are used post‑training to reduce the need for live support and  provide your users with answers as quickly as possible.

Quick reference card (QRC): This document highlights important details from the training slides and streamlines post go live support.

Adoption services

In today’s fast-paced environment, organizations are facing more complex, interdependent, and rapid change than ever before. How you manage change is critical to the success of your implementation.

ServiceNow's change enablement offering is specifically focused on providing support around implementation to drive adoption. We focus on assessment and planning, communications, training, enablement, and measurement.

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Our Change enablement offering is aligned with the ServiceNow Now Create methodology which provides step-by-step guidance to achieve exceptional business outcomes.

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