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State and Local Government

Give everyone in your community a consumer-style experience that’s intuitive and secure. That’s what our government software solutions can do for you.

We make it simple to provide simply great service.

Help state and local agencies work smarter

Modernize IT to improve efficiency, compliance, and satisfaction for all.

Vaccine management

Remove obstacles to quickly get vaccines to the people who need them.

Digital citizens

Deliver intuitive, consumer-like experiences with modern self-service tools.

Staff optimization

Automate tedious tasks so employees can focus on what’s most important.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how state, local, and regional government agencies are modernizing with ServiceNow.

66% vendor risk reduction

The City of Denver streamlined and automated vendor risk management processes.

100% faster delivery

Washington DOH hit 90% CSAT with 600 improvements and 90 automated workflows.

50% faster processing

Raleigh connected seven departments, freeing nine FTEs to focus on citizens.

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Explore how to streamline, automate, and optimize a complex IT environment.


Manage assets better

See how Tennessee gets the right hardware to the right employee at the right time.


Discover CIO essentials

Connect the dots with survival skills for state and local technology leaders.

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Digital transformation solution in the state and local government cloud for the public sector

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Connect with experts at ServiceNow and other champions in regional, state, and local government to discuss common challenges and how to unlock your potential.