Streamline Government Services to Improve Mission Effectiveness

Your government agency is mission‑driven to make life better for citizens. Now you can speed and automate the delivery of modern citizen services while driving the cost of government down. Your employees, vendors, and citizens can easily and transparently access services. And you can automate and scale the delivery of services on a single, trusted cloud platform, providing better citizen services at a lower cost.

Modernize Government IT Services

Consolidate legacy tools to a single system that makes it easy to prioritize and deliver IT support. Your new service desk is up and running fast, and an easy‑to‑use service portal makes it painless for government employees and vendors to submit and track requests. Gain control with complete IT service visibility, no infrastructure required.

Eliminate Outages That Impact Government Services

With ServiceNow, you can proactively identify service issues, pinpoint disruptions,and automate remediation. A single dashboard reveals the status of critical business and government services, so you are the first to know before problems arise.

Protect Government and Citizen Data

With ServiceNow, you can protect government and citizen data by bringing incident data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize threats based on impact and resolve them quickly.

Effective Security: Close the Gap Between Threat Detection and Response

Serve Citizens at Lightspeed

Make it easy for citizens to find information and request government services. Enable workflow across agencies and departments, including a unified view of citizen case history and status. Now you can deliver effortless service to increase citizen satisfaction, reduce case volume, and lower costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dashboards and metrics now drive our decisions and build credibility.

Steve Reneker







The transparency of ServiceNow lets us prioritise the incidents that affect our visitors as customers and Parks Victoria as a business.

Service Manager

It’s with data that we, as CIOs, are starting to shift ... bringing insight, enablement and agility to the enterprise.

Acting CIO

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