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Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Respond faster to security incidents, vulnerabilities, and risk

Drive compliance and protect against organizational risk and vulnerabilities.

Bring security, risk, and IT together—on one platform

Identify and prioritize security incidents, vulnerabilities, and enterprise risks quickly. Respond faster using workflows, automation, and orchestration.

Monitor and reduce your risk exposure with real-time visibility

Get an integrated view of risk and compliance from multiple sources. Improve performance through better communication and reporting.

Work smarter and make better decisions with asset context

Prioritize issues automatically. Calculate risk scores based on the severity of the issue and the importance of the asset or service to your business.

Respond faster using workflows, automation, and orchestration

Route work seamlessly between security, risk, and IT teams to reduce manual processes and hand‑offs. Improve team efficiency through security playbooks.

Per Gartner Report,

An IRM strategy reduces siloed risk domains and supports dynamic business decision making via risk-data correlations and shared risk processes.

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management Solutions, Jie Zhang, Brian Reed, 15 July 2019

Don’t just take our word for it

See how others have proactively addressed issues and vulnerabilities.


York Risk Services automates

6-week launch reduces risk through compliance and accelerated threat response.


AMP responds 60% faster

New regulations create an urgent need to improve vulnerability response times.

Solutions for information security and enterprise risk management

Security Operations

Security Operations

Connect security tools with Security Operations to prioritize and respond according to potential impact.

GRC for an integrated risk program

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Transform inefficient processes by combining security, IT, and risk capabilities into an integrated risk program.

Now Platform

Now Platform

The foundation for all your ServiceNow solutions, certified partner apps, and custom app needs.

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Security Operations guide

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Your response engine

See how to respond faster to security incidents, vulnerabilities, and risk.

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Connect security, risk, and IT together on the Now Platform. Monitor, prioritize, and automate for intelligent information security and enterprise risk management.

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