Champion Enablement

Communications and training

Get everyone on board with your ServiceNow program with effective communication and training.

Plan your communications and training

This list of tools will help you plan your internal communications strategy.

Communication and training guide

Discover the four steps and activities you should execute for effective communications and training.

Communication plan template

Use these customizable Excel communication plans to drive adoption and lower users’ resistance to changes.

Communications plan PPT template

Use this framework to communicate your project plan to stakeholders.

Communications plan timeline: One-slide PPT template

Communicate a high-level overview of your communications timeline with this PPT template.

User readiness template

Use this PPT template to present an assessment of your organization’s readiness for change.

Project status deck

Use this template to communicate project status, risks, issues, decisions, actions, or changes to stakeholders. 

Roll out your communication plan

Put your communication plan into action using these tools and guidelines.

New York communication package

Find everything you need to communicate about the New York release in one place. No need to start from scratch with these templates—just download and customize.

Madrid communication package

Templates to plan and deploy your communications about the Madrid release.

Work Better communication template package

Customize these templates—email, banners, infographics, posters, and more—to connect your users to the platform with ease and convenience.

ServiceNow introduction and business value PPT template

Communicate the high-level business value of ServiceNow with this PPT template.

ServiceNow project FAQ template

Provide an overview of your ServiceNow project and who will be affected.

Icon library for internal communications

Align your communications and training documents visually with ServiceNow icons.

Train the users

With everyone informed, it’s time to train them on how to use the system. Using these tools and resources will make that process easier.

Mobile reference guides and videos

Learn how to complete tasks using ServiceNow on your mobile device.

ServiceNow project FAQ template

Provide an overview of your ServiceNow project and who will be affected using this PPT.

Lunch and learn

Schedule your own lunch and learns and create content using these tips and PPT slides.

Process diagram and infographic template

Show how the integrated process works in ServiceNow and how it appears to the end user.

Desktop reference guide PPT template

Create simple, at-a-glance guides to help users adhere to your processes with ServiceNow.

Fulfiller and manager desktop guide PPT template

Use this template to educate fulfillers or managers on ServiceNow processes.

Desktop reference guide multipage PPT template

Create a click-through demo using this template. It offers multiple pages that allow you to add video, process highlights, and more.

User readiness template

Use this template to present an assessment of your organization’s readiness for change.

Prepare for go-live week and beyond

Get everyone excited about the upcoming change with these go-live week activities. Then keep the momentum going.

Go-live checklist template

Create a checklist of the activities that need to occur before your go-live.

OCM high-level outline

Prepare for organizational change management and go-live readiness.

Measuring success: KPIs and tips

Document your project’s success by using the appropriate metrics and by following these steps.

Explore Champion Enablement topics

Getting everyone on board with a new ServiceNow implementation is easier with excellent communications, solid governance, and tried-and-true training methods. Try our tools.