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Work better – Templates for communication

With ServiceNow, your organization works better, with greater speed and convenience. Get on the road to success with these communication templates that will help you connect users to the platform. You’ll find customizable banners, emails, posters, infographics, and more.

Banners, posters, and icons

Banner theme components

Build your own banners starting with these themed components in an easy-to-use PowerPoint format.

Icon library

Use these ServiceNow-specific icons in your own presentations,posters, and other communications.

Event poster

Announce your upcoming events, like your go-live party, all all-hands meetings, and launches,with this customizable event poster.


Add this ready-made landscape image to all your release-specific content to make sure so your users know which can easily recognize the content that’s is related to your upcoming go-live.

Portrait banner

Add this ready-made portrait image to all your release-specific content so your users can easily recognize the content related to your upcoming go-live.

Email templates

Initial email

Prepare your organization for your upcoming go-live with this email, the first in a series.

Subsequent reminder emails

Remind your organization about your upcoming go-liveby sending this email multiple times during your communication process.

Fulfiller user emails

Provide targeted, release-specific information to your fulfillers to make sure they’re ready for your implementation.

Manager emails

Provide the right level of detail to your managers to make sure they’re ready for your implementation.

Training resources

Desk reference guide

Use this template to provide a quick overview of standard processes to all your users.

End-user desktop reference guide

Use this template to help your users complete new processes, like filling out forms, in your new implementation.

Fulfiller manager desktop guide

Use this template to help your fulfillers and managers understand how processes have changed in the new implementation.

Lunch and learn

Use this PowerPoint template to create training presentations that are best suited for short events, like lunch and learns.

Mobile desktop reference guide

Use this standard guide to help teach your users how to take advantage of the ServiceNow mobile application.

Mobile user interface

Use this standard PowerPoint presentation to present best practices for use of the ServiceNow mobile application.

Go-live games and certificates

Go-live games

Use this template to prepare for games to play at your go-live party.

Certificates of achievement

Recognize people in your organization who helped make your implementation a success.

Success story templates

Success story poster

Customize this template to show your entire organization the big wins you’ve achieved.

Success story

Bring your success story to life. Use inspiring quotes and quantifiable results while demonstrating the business value of your project.

Explore Champion Enablement topics

Getting everyone on board with a new ServiceNow implementation is easier with excellent communications, solid governance, and tried-and-true training methods. Try our tools.