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HR and IT
  • HR and IT better together
  • Boost productivity and attract quality talent with great employee experiences.
Healthcare Security
  • Healthcare security 101
  • Drive clinical excellence and improve care outcomes with a connected system.


Now Platform New York Release
  • Now Platform New York Release
  • New desktop and native mobile capabilities make everyday work simple and easy.


Now Creators
  • Now Creators
  • Gain recognition and reach new career heights.


Value Calculator
  • Live up to your potential
  • Determine the untapped value across your entire business in just 60 seconds.
Champion Enablement

Introducing ServiceNow to your enterprise

Drive awareness to ensure the ongoing success of your ServiceNow programs.

Introducing ServiceNow to your enterprise

This list of tools will help you to introduce your ServiceNow program to your organization. Showcase your program success across the enterprise as well as create awareness, educate, and onboard with ServiceNow solutions.

Introduce ServiceNow to your enterprise

Create awareness of your success and expand service management across departments. 

ServiceNow Introduction and business value

Use this template for broad communications about the business value of ServiceNow. 

Visual roadmap (PPT template)

Use this template to tell your ServiceNow story with an overview of the present and a roadmap of the future.

Service delivery maturity overview

Description text: Initiate internal conversations about service maturity and how to get to the next level.

Measuring success: KPIs and tips

Document your project success by using the appropriate metrics and following these steps.

Explore Champion Enablement topics

Getting everyone on board with a new ServiceNow implementation is easier with excellent communications, solid governance, and tried-and-true training methods. Try our tools.