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Becton Dickinson accelerates innovation using the Customer Success Center

See how the company fast‑tracked their transformation using one online resource.

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a major medical technology company that’s advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics, and care delivery. With the healthcare industry evolving at an unprecedented pace, BD is constantly creating new ways to use medical technology for the benefit of patients and the healthcare community.

BD uses ServiceNow to power hundreds of enterprise services, increasing efficiency and agility

To deliver innovation that matters, BD needs to be more efficient and agile than ever before, and that means accelerating and streamlining the way the company works. That’s why BD embarked on an ambitious enterprise shared services program—a program that's now grown to empower 190,000 employees, partners, and customers around the globe. ServiceNow is BD’s global service delivery platform, powering hundreds of services ranging from finance, procurement, sales, and human resources to a comprehensive supplier portal and even consumer care for BD’s wearable diabetes products.

BD’s ServiceNow platform team powers this ongoing enterprise transformation

Ultimately, success of the program is due to BD’s ServiceNow platform team, a small group of dedicated people who are driving an ongoing enterprise transformation. Trisha Johnson, who runs the platform team, says, “I’m so proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished. We’ve made a real difference to BD’s business and there’s still so much more we can do. We roll out new functionality every month and we launch major new ServiceNow products every year. I just love this product and what our team has done with it.”

The CSC jump-starts the platform team’s success

Trisha’s enthusiasm is almost boundless, and she credits the ServiceNow Customer Success Center (CSC) for enabling the success of her team. That started day one, when BD rolled out an initial 60 services across four global shared service centers.

According to Trisha, “We needed to build our ServiceNow team almost overnight, and the information that’s available on the CSC helped us to do that. It wasn’t just technical product information, although the CSC has that as well. What it gave us was a framework for building a successful team. It showed us the skills we needed—developers, business analysts, admins, and so on—as well as the governance processes to pull it all together. And the results speak for themselves. We went live in 11 weeks, and we did it with a team of just six people.”

Successful organizational change management

Trisha’s team uses the CSC for more than development best practices—although she says that these are among the CSC’s golden nuggets. Equally important is the CSC’s guidance on organizational change management (OCM).

Trisha explains, “If you build it, they will come. But if they don’t know how to use it—or decide they don’t want to—they’ll leave just as fast. We knew that OCM was incredibly important, but as a development team, we didn’t have the experience to know the best approach. So, we took training plans right from the CSC and made them our own. The CSC also showed us how to go about a successful rollout—everything from enabling champions and identifying naysayers to celebrating success. We still use the same OCM processes today, and they still work. For instance, when we launched our HR portal, we saw 83% employee satisfaction within a few months, and we’re expecting that to go up to 90% when we introduce new enhancements in the Paris release.”

Business value delivered faster

Having helped BD jumpstart its ServiceNow program, the CSC continues to be a critical resource for Trisha’s team. She says, “With ServiceNow, there’s a constant flow of new capabilities. The CSC is the best place to learn about these. We make a point of finding out what’s in each release—and how it can help us work faster and smarter. By using the CSC, we keep our roadmap aligned with ServiceNow, which means that we get more value to our business faster. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support we get from the CSC. For instance, it was invaluable when we rolled out Chat and Agent Workspace to our HR team, and it’s now helping us to launch Virtual Agent as well.”

More informed investment decisions

Trisha also stresses how the CSC helps her team to get investment buy-in from BD’s leadership. “We know how to build solid business cases—although if you’re just starting out, the CSC does have ROI calculators. However, where the CSC really comes into its own is—you guessed it—customer success,” says Trisha. “With the CSC, we can find out what other ServiceNow customers have done and the results they’ve seen. When our leadership asks, ‘What’s everyone else doing?’ we’ve got the answers, which makes their decision much easier. And, of course, it bolsters our confidence that we’re making the right recommendations.”

The CSC helps futureproof BD’s ServiceNow investment and avoid risk

Finally, Trisha talks about how the CSC helps BD to futureproof its ServiceNow investment and avoid risk. “We’re constantly onboarding new departments, and our Shared Service Centers continue to grow. So, scalability and upgradability is incredibly important for us. CSC gives us best practices to ensure scalability, and it also shows us how to avoid issues with customizations when we upgrade. We’ve built this right into our governance framework. And it’s not just about internal development. When we work with development partners, we get them to sign up to the same framework. In fact, we look for partners that already use CSC best practices—it’s the best way to ensure success and make sure we’re both speaking the same language.”

Trisha sums up the CSC’s value by saying, “The CSC gives you critical resources at every stage in your ServiceNow journey, whether you’re just starting out or have a mature implementation like ours. It helps us to make the best investment decisions, maximize benefits for our business, reduce risk, and continually grow the value we deliver. If you don’t use the CSC, you’re really missing out.”                          

Becton Dickinson Medical Technology
Customer Name
Becton Dickinson Medical Technology
Company size
Large (over 10,000 employees)
"The CSC gives you critical resources at every stage in your ServiceNow journey.…If you don’t use the CSC, you’re really missing out."
– Trisha Johnson

We needed to build our ServiceNow team almost overnight, and the information that’s available on the CSC helped us to do that. It wasn’t just technical product information, although the CSC has that as well. What it gave us was a framework for building a successful team.

Trisha Johnson

Sr. Manager, Service Technologies, Global Services