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Upgrade best practices

Our upgrade best practices help you plan for a smooth upgrade—and they provide tools and guidance on how to maintain your platform so it’s easy to upgrade.   

Implement upgrades

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How do I perform upgrades?

Stay current and healthy with an annual upgrade.

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Perform ServiceNow upgrades efficiently and more effectively

Maximize your value and minimize support issues.

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What’s the process to review skipped changes?

Review changes to your instance after every upgrade.

Use testing to streamline the upgrade process

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How do I conduct efficient and effective testing?

Make sure your Now Platform is properly configured.

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When and how should I use Automated Test Framework?

Learn when and how to use ATF.

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What’s the best practice for ATF?

This quick answer explains what ATF is, the benefits of using it, and when you should consider using it.

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How do I use Test Management 2.0 for manual testing?

Streamline the manual testing process.

Keep your platform ready for upgrades

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How does HealthScan help me manage my instance health?

Get maximum value from your platform and apps.

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Fine tune your ServiceNow Platform with regular performance administration

Improve your instance's upgradeability and performance.